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    Hack suddenyl stopped working

    What are you using for a bootloader?
  2. alaskantraveler

    Can't get iMessage/FaceTime to work

    Ask yourself this question: "Do I really need either FaceTime or iMessages?" If the answer is 'No!" then ignore them
  3. Depends. Are you updating on a SSD? Then, probably. If you are updating a Sata drive that is an old fashioned hard-drive or one of those hybrid types, they won't change over to apfs but will stay with the original file system, although I believe if you say yes instead of no to apfs they will be converted.
  4. My suggestion. Stick with Yosemite. 10.10.5. El Capitan is enough different and supposedly advanced that you are running into or past the upper limits of what your machines are capable of. Or contact who ever is doing the development at Shane's Kernel and see if they have any suggestions. I applaud you, sir. Using AMD machines is a real challenge to begin with.
  5. alaskantraveler

    AppleHDA problem

    how about trying a pair of USB-powered speakers? That is what I use.
  6. alaskantraveler

    i just need to view images and download something

    Won't let you download if you don't sign up.
  7. alaskantraveler

    Discord For Hackintoshers

    What is a Discord? Lack of agreement amoung people or groups, as I understand it.
  8. alaskantraveler

    "iWork" and "iLife" for Free

    Don't use Garageband at all. I prefer iTunes.
  9. Kinda hard to do when it is not currently available at the app store.
  10. alaskantraveler

    Apple unveils "macOS High Sierra"

    Time Machine and Xcode are both apps. I never use Time machine, but do use Xcode on occasion. My problem with Time machine is you have to have two hard drives with the second being large enough to hold the boot drive in it's entirety, twice. Which to me is just a waste of space.
  11. alaskantraveler

    Black screen when I use -v

    Maybe something as simple as enabling GraphicsEnabler in your config file.
  12. alaskantraveler

    HDMI audio not working

    May sound goofy, but HDMI sound has never really worked in OS-X. There are a couple of work arounds to get sound out of your rear ports of your sound card to the input of your monitor/tv. In my case, I went with a pair of usb powered speakers. I got tired of messing around with trying to get something that works in both Windows and Linux OS's, but not in Mac Os's.
  13. right click on the trash bucket and choose open. Then you can see what you have in there.
  14. Study the Macs that you want your build to be closest to. And which OS you want to use. Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, whatever. Try to get the same cpus, gpus and sound cards and wireless or ethernet of what you are trying to copy. And be aware that you may have to tweak things to work. With some luck you can even come up with a motherboard that matches what Apple is using.
  15. You know, looking at the background picture, That looks like Mount Shasta to me. That is probably the new name.
  16. alaskantraveler

    OS X Compatible Motherboard

    You do know the AMD cpu won't fit in a LGA 1155 socket, right?
  17. St. Helens (Mountain/volcano still trying to be active)
  18. alaskantraveler


    Cool! It even works on installer volumes!
  19. alaskantraveler

    nawcom MOD CD

    My question is: What if you don't like Chimera? I have never been able to get it to work right.
  20. alaskantraveler

    No npci=0Xxxx

    I don't get it. This avoids the npci= flagset, right? Which I did not know would disable AppleHDA, which is not used on AMD to begin with because it KP's like crazy. I removed AppleHDA from my extensions folder.