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AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

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12 minutes ago, chummdoggin said:

Updated a sandy bridge 6 ser. to Big Sur from 10.15 and using open core the layout id no longer brings the onboard alc662 audio.


Could you have an idea what changed in Big Sur that would cause that?

Did you see my signature? Something changed with audio.

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Currently setting up a QEMU macOS Monterey VM and have noticed that with AppleALC.kext, regardless of the layout ID, there are no audio codecs detected.

There is a HDEF audio device detected though, as you can see in the IOReg. I am using the QEMU 'hda-duplex' codec which is essentially a stereo line-out, and a stereo line-in.

After further testing I discovered that it works with VoodooHDA.kext and the stereo line-out and stereo line-in both works.


Is there any way I can get this virtual audio device added to AppleALC.kext? What would I need to look at in order to do so?

I have attached an IOReg export for both when AppleALC.kext is loaded, and for when VoodooHDA.kext is loaded.

QEMU-macOS_12.6-AppleALC.ioreg QEMU-macOS_12.6-VoodooHDA.ioreg

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Hello @Andres ZeroCross   or everyone


you developed ID21 ALC287 for Lenovo Yoga Slim 7-14IIL05.
Does the internal mic work with the 14IIL05 (node 26)?


Another user has a LENOVO YOGA 7 SLIM (15IIL05).
Internal Mic not working. I suspect a dual mic.
The codec_dump does not recognize an internal mic.




HP and HP-Mic do not work with ID21.


Another problem, the 15IIL05 has 2 speakers above and 2 speakers below.


I'm trying different configurations with trial ID22.


01A71C10 01A71D00 01A71EA1 01A71F90 02171C20 02171D10 02171E21 02171F00 02170C02 01971C30 01971D10 01971E81 01971F00 01471C40 01471D00 01471E17 01471F90 01470C02 01771C50 01771D00 01771E17 01771F90


int Mic 8-35-26 not working
LineIn (HP-Mic) 9-34-25 works




Sp1 20-2 works - Switch HP 33-2 works
SP2 23-3 does not work


2.png.466f80b7f4e76611456ea0b3743ff871.png  3.png.50161fecad9bfde5620cf98ce811e637.png


For speaker I had hope with connection with midi setup. It works on my old Lappi with alc888 ID28.




Unfortunately, only one speaker works here.


Does anyone have any ideas for internal mic and speakers?


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5 hours ago, kocoman said:

I don't get sound over hdmi tv on haswell hd4400, the TV name is seen in sound and works in linux

ventura 13.1 with applealc


Haswell HD4400 is not supported in Ventura. You should find other way to make HDMI sound.

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41 minutes ago, kocoman said:

even in big sur is no sound, but I can see the device name .. 

Maybe it's not supported in Big Sur either is also a consideration and as @Slice suggested, maybe you need to find another way to make HDMI sound work.

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