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  1. oSxFr33k

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Hi Pavo I also have a couple of MacPro's like yours except the graphics card is either a Nvidia GT120 or the stock AMD card. I read that with the right metal supported graphics card MacPro5,1 will be supported in Mojave. Did you flash Mac EFI firmware onto your Sapphire Nitro+ 580x? Do you think its possible to get the Vega to work on the real MacPro with Mojave unless the PCIe slot/Power supply may not handle it? I have seen on EBay graphics cards flashed with Mac EFI like the Nvidia 680 to support MacPro 2010 through 2012.
  2. oSxFr33k

    Clover General discussion

    I probably should have searched this thread before posting this because I bet someone else has already observed this. I am constantly being told to place all Kexts into /Library/Extensions rather than Clover's Kexts/Other for at least High Sierra. I do understand how some of these kexts would need to be in L/E because of the order in which some of these kexts are injected with the native kexts. From my observations this seems to be correct but if I try to boot the rescue partition or run a MacOS Combi update and possibly other scenarios, I can tell you for a fact it will not boot if you do not have minimally FakeSMC and for me using VoodooPS2 for laptops placed into the Clover /kexts/Other. So which kexts really should not be in Clover /kexts/Other?
  3. Hi MaLd0n, Did you get a chance to look over the sendme files up a few posts. I have tried just about everything and have no idea what is going on with EH01.
  4. I do have DropOem in clover and SSDT PrGen in ACPI/Patched. I tried with Rename as I did before in Clover and Fake EC SSDT in ACPI/Patched now I have two EC in Ioreg one for AppleACPIEC and AppleBusPower on both EC, USB no change.
  5. Isn't 0x001F0000 Device (LPCB)? Anyhow I inserted FAKE EC with SSDT-EC.aml and now AppleBusPower with EC and H_EC with AppleACPIEC and is that how it should be? See screenshot. 2 USB ports still not working but I am confused why is EH01/EH02 sharing same HUB/Ports names? See screenshot.
  6. I can try that but I have H_EC not EC0. I used clover to rename H_EC to EC. But I will remove that from clover to see if it brings back EH01 ports. My battery will stop working because DSDT has H_EC everywhere and battery patch references to H_EC. Are you saying use a hot patch SSDT-EC.aml instead of rename in clover?
  7. Unfortunately it did not help, My EH01 ports are not working and if you look over the Ioreg EH01 is missing. What other reasons could there be besides what I mentioned about the ACPI breaking because of the EC registers over 8 bits. I am still working on modifying an existing battery patch to fully patch my EC register, that is the only other thing I can think of, it seems that clover ACPI fixes are enough for the DSDT and of course the battery and PNOT patch otherwise I prefer hot-patches (SSDT) and clover ACPI fixes as well as Kernel and Kext patching in clover config. Edited 5-27-2018 I finally made the battery patch for the DSDT and I still have no ports for EH01. Either a USB injector is needed or USBInjectall and SSDT needed for this USB and that doesn't help either. Something happening in CLover causing this.
  8. Actually you are right I don't know why I am using it. Could this be the cause of EH01 being disabled? I still need to create some USB injector then correct, these are USB2 only ports and I know on my Asus G51JX areendale laptop I need a port injector or I have no USB at all.
  9. How are you doing. I have this SandyBridge Laptop and having a hard time getting the EH01 ports to work therefore two USB ports not working, and I was told it was most likely do to the EC registers that are over 8 bytes, can stop some of the ACPI code from completing the process. I used a battery patch in DSDT but I need to make the patch better since it did not change some of the registers but patched it good enough for battery to work. Are you into DSDT patching for battery? The rest of my system works just fine just EH01 port. SendMe files attached. Won't let me upload so I have link to dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3qo8dnztkewlyzh/Send me osxfr33ks-MBP.zip?dl=0 Thanks!
  10. Same here, also very slow loading constantly showing its loading and I have to refresh to stop it from doing that.
  11. Do you have the original unmodified file so I can compare?
  12. Thanks for posting Clover v4421. I have no idea what it is but my default boot is the recovery partition and I know its set correctly in the Clover config file to boot to the MacOS drive. Nothing changed in com.apple.Boot.plist. Maybe delete that partition and re-install recovery? Can this been done in terminal because Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra broken in 10.13.4. Edited: I don't know why or when a logical volume gets created, and has happened to me so many times and I still cannot figure out the pattern. I thought it was because of Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra but now I can say for sure its not because of that because its not working in 10.13.4. Anyhow the issue was a logical volume was created. I just boot into my USB installer went into terminal and ran "diskutil cs revert "uuid" of the core storage volume and everything is back to normal.
  13. The Asus MB still wakes to black screen. When I wake I hear the fans rev for a couple of seconds and the screen remains black. You have the logs etc is this something that just cannot be fixed with a DSDT or clover? Everything works great with the clover config in the send me files so do I really need a DSDT?
  14. Hi MaLd0n I have one more to look at. Asus Maximus Formula Bios conversion to Rampage Formula, X38 chipset LGA775. Only issue is system wakes to black screen. Once it wakes fans rev for a second and goes to black screen. Files attached! Send me osxfr33ks-MBP.zip