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  1. oSxFr33k

    Clover General discussion

    So explain what I need to do to fix this, run clover as usual choosing the boot0af or boot0ss option, which one? After clover install reboot then run the dd command after clover is installed and which one will I install with the dd command? Can you reply with the complete dd command here please or a link to the procedure. I remember now some bug for legacy bios in some clover legacy installs, requiring the dd command to be run and only the one command not both as Badruzeus had replied with? Thanks!
  2. oSxFr33k

    Clover General discussion

    It just stops booting at that point nothing wrong with USB because the other drive has Catalina on it and it boots just fine. I also have a second Catalina installed onto 2nd volume of first container and first volume of 2nd container. I have to try this instead I have been using boot0af forever with legacy bios, never tried boot0ss, and maybe now with new APFS need boot0ss?. Are you using the legacy only clover installer or the latest clover package that allows for legacy settings? During clover install you chose boot0ss then reboot then in terminal ran dd command? What if I have a second container what would the command be for that, just change to "&& to boot1s1' for example? Is there a new thread going on about this with new APFS and legacy boot would like to get more information on it. Thanks!
  3. oSxFr33k

    Clover General discussion

    Ran into two problems for legacy bios (non EFi). After creating a second volume inside the same APFS container and installing Catalina it won’t boot, clover installed in EFI. The first volume is Mojave no issues. Is it possible clover in EFI won’t boot 2nd 3rd etc volumes in same container? I should say it starts to boot but its never able to complete the boot process. I see from verbose boot it stops in my case at the IOUSBHost Interface and the last thing I see before the screen text becomes frozen and shattered with the prohibited sign is the message ‘still waiting for root device’. I have to assume that the kexts in the EFI partition are not being read? The second problem is when I partition the single hard drive which creates two containers and install Catalina into the 2nd container’s volume, it only goes through the initial first part of the install process after which a reboot there is no second phase to install to MacOS from clover GUI even though the data install folder does exist with the correct size and files inside the 2nd container’s volume. i just now tried this on a SSD with legacy bios same results so it’s not related to the hard drive versus SSD. Is there something more I need to do to have multiple MacOS Installs on the same APFS Hard Drive non SSD? I have not tried this on a modem EFI bios machine just legacy. Should there only be one EFI partition even after you partition the drive into multiple containers? Has anyone tried this on their legacy bios machines getting the same results as me? Edited: This is definitely related to legacy bios I tried the same hard drive in an EFI bios machine no problems booting either volume from the same container, and was able to complete the install if the volume was on the 2nd container. Maybe only related to this motherboard GA-G41M-ES2L? Edited Again: I can confirm with another legacy bios machine some issue between the Bios and more current clover revisions from r5093 through r5097 is what I tested so far.
  4. oSxFr33k

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    @Sherlocks Hi I have read many of your posts in the Clover General thread with many useful fixes I have used over time thanks for all that. I Posted a few back from here link below about how to eliminate AppleBackLightFixup for Nvidia Only Laptop, no intel integrated GFX, Asus has disabled it on this G750JX laptop. I would like to use WEG alone and eliminate the fixup kext but from Yosemite and all the way into Catalina I have to use it to actually see the LCD backlight change intensity without it only the Apple Backlight Automation inc/dec will work without Brightness change. Any suggestions on how to make this work or di I have to continue to use the Fixup kext in my situation?
  5. oSxFr33k

    VoodooHDA 2.9.2

    Ah ok I see iMix and PCM set to 90 I should have known better, thanks!
  6. oSxFr33k

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Did you install fresh or over your current install? Every time I install over the previous version things go wrong for me something to do with the Data volume, I think I am suppose to boot to that after the initial somewhat short install it boots to install but its the Data Volume, I am guessing that is where the image is initially placed so when I continue from there it seems to complete the second portion reboots but wants to install again from the Data volume where the image was placed so my install keeps looping over and over. Do I need to remove the Data Volume before proceeding with the install? Is the Beta/Developers preview version in the version.plist?
  7. oSxFr33k

    VoodooHDA 2.9.2

    Is there an alternate way to save the settings for me just the PCM and iMix volume sliders. Thanks!
  8. oSxFr33k

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    MY problem solved with LCD brightness. WEG alone does not take care of this for Laptops that have only Nvidia GTX and Intel integrated graphics disabled. We still need AppleBacklightFixup and WEG alone does not work. We still need WEG obviously, but whatever code is in ABF needs to be included in WEG for future releases for NVIDIA support. I was able to get ABF to work again with a bootflag to run on unsupported software such as Beta Catalina so once the final version of Catalina is released it will work without this flag "-applbkldbg' hopefully. We need future release versions of WEG to support exactly what ABF does for Nvidia GFX, and not just Intel.
  9. oSxFr33k

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Possibly help with LCD Brightness on Asus G750JX Laptop everything working fine in Mojave now broken in Catalina. The Apple Display Animation Increment/decrement is working fine just no change in brightness. I posted this in the Beta Catalina thread but no one was able to help just comment that AppleBacklightFixup.kext was depreciated and now taken over by WEG and that it was meant to work for Intel only. Since my Asus has Intel built in GFX disabled by Asus by default I have been able to have LCD brightness work on my Dedicated and Natively supported Nvidia GTX770m, since MacOS Yosemite and all the way up to and including Mojave. Is there some boot option needed to re-enable LCD brightness in Catalina? I have included files to see if we can figure out where the issue may be. Thanks! Edited: Sorry forgot to mention that I need AppleBacklightFixup.kext in Mojave to make LCD brightness work even with WEG. So it sounds like the issue is with AppleBAcklightFixup.kext not compatible with MacOS Catalina. If WEG has taken over the other brightness fix kexts and injectors is there a way to incorporate it for Nvidia Natively supported GFX cards so we can get LCD brightness back in MacOS Catalina? Edited the last time: Problem solved sorry about all the noise above. It won't work in MacOS beta software so there is a bootflag to make it work '-applbklbeta'. But for the future just want to make sure the Nvidia Laptops that depend on this for backlight will still be supported maybe future releases in WEG without ABF? Edited Again 10-4-2019 Added Send me files for working backlight with AppleBAcklightFIxup if it helps to figure out how to get this to work without tha kext? Send me osxfr33ks-MBP.zip Send me osxfr33ks-MBP._working_Backlight_with_Fxiup_Kext.zip
  10. oSxFr33k

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Actually since my GFX is discrete only and Asus has disabled IGPU I can change GFX0 to IGPU in a SSDT and it works as it would for IGPU all the way up to Mojave. So what happened in Catalina to break this or has WEG broken it? All I use is a SSDT for GFX see attached. So the Nvidia card takes the place of the IPGU since its disabled by Asus. Because I have separate SSDT I still need to use Rename in Clover GFX0 to IGPU and not sure why but also still need AppleBAcklightFixup.kext. Need WEG to prevent dark screen on boot. Is there something I need to modify to work in Catalina? SSDT-HDMI-NVIDIA-P0P2.aml.zip
  11. oSxFr33k

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    AppleBacklightFixup.kext not working in Catalina any possible fix? My LCD brightness has worked all the way up to and including Mojave now broken in Catalina. The device is in my description signature below, Asus G750JX Intel integrated graphics disabled by ASus only discrete Nvidia GTX770M enabled working natively. PNLF working fine, I have the apple brightness animation increment/decrement but the display does not change brightness.
  12. How are you @MaLd0n, does your patcher work similar to DosDude's Mojave and Catalina patcher for legacy Audio? I can't seem to get AppleALC working after using DosDude's Legacy Audio patcher. I have to assume it replaces Mojave's AppleHDA with one that is more compatible for the legacy which might break AppleALC or not? This is for a Gigabyte Motherboard, chipset G41, GA-G41M-ES2l v1.4. You created the DSDT many years ago for me and it is working perfectly all the way through High Sierra. DSDT HDEF layout is 0x01 I tried 02 not working either. Very very slow boot with AppleALC. Working fine with VoodooHDA but much prefer AppleALC.
  13. oSxFr33k

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    Do you still get acceleration with this patch for GT210?
  14. oSxFr33k

    macOS Mojave 10.14.4 is out

    In Bios under CPU, disable Internal PLL overvolt, that fixed mine a few years ago under MacOS El Capitan never tried the setting again in Hi Sierra or Mojave after I updated the Bios. https://hardforum.com/threads/official-asus-response-to-resume-hibernate-problem-with-internal-pll-voltage-enabled.1579942/#post-1036767351
  15. oSxFr33k

    Clover General discussion

    It supports speed step for Server processor Xeon E5-2697v2 12 core ivy processor? I tried plugintype=true and no speed step. It’s stuck at 1.2ghz. I found this quote from another thread for X79 motherboards for controlled speedstep, but that is back from 2014 so Clover has made a lot of changes since then, clover did not have this plugintype option and now does but does it have the values for this specific processor to make speedstep work? we need a extra power state at least 1MHz above our max power state and a extra power state at least 1MHz below our lowest reachable power state. Without these extra states we would never fully reach the lowest or highest state. The "-w 3" in the command below creates the extra states above and below max and min. ssdtPRGen.sh -c 1 -w 3 -turbo 3500