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  1. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    must have pushed F11 in clover. Actually, no I just did and it did not effect them. Its iCloud change. Anyone reading, if wakes on open but not display it requires darkwake=0 boot arg.
  2. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    Pmset settings not what I set. Maybe they go to default if there is a change in DSDT?
  3. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    Yes makes sense, Thank you perfect. Had something added on mine: If (LEqual (PWRS, Zero)) Absent on mine: If (And (AOAC, One)) {}
  4. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    Hey thanks for the reply. Makes sense. Do your properties in your config.plist in devices help with instant wake on AC power or what? Tried it, no that was not it. Our ADP1 properties look the same but this in LID0. But no that should not effect the wake on AC I don't think.
  5. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    How did you fix instant wake on ac? Running a e5430. Wonder if you can tell anything why one of these DSDTs Blocks the XHCI DSDT.zip DSDT.dsl.zip CLOVER 2.zip
  6. chummdoggin

    WiFi Doesn't work! But it's supported??

  7. A setup with an IVY bridge e5430 dell worked fine. but now seems the XHC device is a hardware issue. There is no bios setting to enable disable. Only enable/disable boot/external.USB in general. All set to enable. Also just mention of USB in power settings wake on USB. Did show up when I set up the ports w/USBINJECTALL, then was working on imessage isssue when the DSDT stopped loading after updating clover. I had two versions of MAcIasl. One with iasl 6. and one had 6.2a. Kept the 6.2a, was RM's most recent. One problem Im confused by is it compiles fine but after saved if its opened, the error that was repaired comes back. This part: If (LEqual (PM6H, One)) { CreateBitField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0C._RW, ECRW) // _RW_: Read-Write Status Store (Zero, ECRW (If (PM0H) { CreateDWordField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0D._LEN, F0LN) // _LEN: Length Store (Zero, F0LN) })) } Loads with the error but not sure what happened on the original that worked. Any Idea? Going over the boot log, The XHC device is there under the PCI readings dont think hardware issue... 1e31 Just seems the saved DSDT should not have errors after saved, but using the other version of Maciasl, the DSDT would save without errors and open without but it would not load. acted like there was no FakeSMC... Edit: Seems all the saved DSDT have that error when re-opened using that version RM's Maciasl w/iasl v.6.2a but seems to load fine. debug_8785.zip
  8. chummdoggin

    Hackintool v3.x.x

    Trying to follow the instructions for the USBports kext. It says to use the IA boot args include hs01, hs02, but dont quite get it about the mouse and keyboard. On a laptop. Boot arg exclude SS I still see those. Boot args not working? It says to use RM's fakePCIID for xMUX for the type of controller the machine has 8086 1E31 I think I followed the instructions, but when at the part to plug in the devices, nothings highlighted but the internals pr11, 21- thats the hubs right? Thanks for the cool app EDIT Maybe should post in a different location? Any suggestion? debug_11016.zip
  9. chummdoggin

    Unable to sleep when Power Adapter plugged in

    Got same issue. on a dell e5430. I don't want to use the prw patch as it will kill lidwake. Let me know if you get a lead? EDIT : for now, not bad to sleep on battery then plug in if wanting to charge while sleeping. Will instant wake if sleeping while on charger. EDIT Again. Found out what the cause was. The bios setting for wake on usb solved issue EDIT Had it happen, Its the _PTS section in DSDT compare it with someone that has it working.
  10. chummdoggin

    Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    Hello. Thanks for all the great work you've done. The first go at using this on an hd4000 laptop it cancelled the built in. Further investigation told to use RM's config section under devices/properties. This fixed the original problem however, the first time the HDMI display worked with HDMI audio and this now does not have it. Maybe you know what I'm missing? Thanks again EDIT : I see what happened the configs injection for port 1 where the HDMI cable plugged in had a pound sign in front that canceled it. The ioreg was showing DP on that port! Thanks again for all the help and good work. debug_30100.zip
  11. chummdoggin

    No Bluetooth with BCM4360

    Hmm you may have helped me only thing i didn't try was internal connector type Edit: No changed to '255' or 0xFF still no BT
  12. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    Initially installed el cap but attempted to update to Hsierra and had problems since it changed to apfs. I used the efi folder from post 1 the first time and a lot didn't work like sound and sleep, which was why I updated to hsierra. Once that apfs was fixed back to good old hfs, everything works except sleep. The differing processor and no Nvidia? This e6430 has i5 3210 are there any suggestions how to proceed to get sleep and HDMI audio to work? To keep the work you already did, perhaps use some of the ssdts from your efi but extact some from this? Necessary to use piker alpha power management ssdt? And try as suggested to compare a clean dsdt to yours? I tested another dsdt for e6430 from pokenguyen with instances of sleep happened by closing lid which did not work with usb in certain slots like the usb3 while experimenting in El Capitan. Maybe you feel like and have the time to look @ the clean files and the ioreg? Thanks again for all the work put in to these projects. In the end used pokenguyen dsdt and everything works but bluetooth only wakes once or twice on battery power. Maybe changed after updated your smc stuff. not checked that. I had booted without battery then battery in menu bar would not come back. Pretty great for cheap price of machine I think. NEW EDIT: Machine now works completely. Used pokenguyen dsdt and added RMs _Pwr dsdt edits. The appleALC kext made everything audio work and the hdmi audio. The wifi dw1550s bluetooth was somehow showing on two usb ports and would crash on wake only if on battery power. chopping out one of them in dsdt (rpt15) solved it. I used all of RMs kexts for broadcom and bluetooth got his acpibattery and also for fakesmc w/sensors. I used intelgraphicsfixup for the logo at boot. ran processor tests and got comparable scores and ran intelinfo kext and looks like the PM is good. EDIT: No, chopping out that dsdt part didnt keep working. Realized camera disappears too on wake whether on battery or ac power. Only the bluetooth wakes every time on ac and does even with it showing up on 2 different ports at the same time.
  13. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    dont think my machine has nvidia but maybe could use older driver for fermi if it made any sense to. Looks like it ran pretty hot anyway, dont know the state of that system if it went through much intensive at the time the shot was posted from sensors.
  14. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    cool, thank you for everything. I usually hear RM say its a hassle to change over but looks good.
  15. chummdoggin

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    I know should wait till order comes but isnt that dw1550 always a/b/g/n/ac or do the sellers mistakenly charge less and list them as without the /ac? More so is that card the right size and will the bios need modified to accept it? Some are listed as azurewave 94352hmb but are all dw1550s those specs?