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  1. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    @iTTT, I am afraid we did not understand you. Could you be more descriptive on what happens, perhaps make a video or something… Is it the following? 1. You hold CMD+V before starting OpenCore 2. You release it 3. You launch OpenCore Shell 4. A number of v keys appears in shell input, i.e. you see: Shell> vvvvvvvvvvvv If so, I cannot imagine why would you do that, and it feels kind of expected to me?
  2. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    Added boot screen support to VerifyMsrE2 in AppleSupport master. This should let it launch from OpenCore menu.
  3. vit9696

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    That's quite strange, what Lilu versions were involved during the testing? Also, does VirtualSMC 1.0.8 with our VoodooPS2 work with vsmcgen=1 boot argument added?
  4. vit9696

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Needs investigating, currently I do not have anything to help you.
  5. vit9696


    To clarify: XNU kernel will invoke RT services, which will jump to SMM that continues accessing the memory through physical addresses, and thus will effectively corrupt kernel or userspace memory.
  6. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    @Blink.shadow 1. So, *our* VBoxHFS from AppleSupportPkg freezes on some volumes? Is it just slow or indeed broken? It will be great if you can debug it. If not, providing raw disk image (use e.g. dd) and creating a bugreport will help. 2. Check whether you have non volatile variable already. OpenCore will not override the existing variable unless you use "Block" section,
  7. vit9696

    Fail to use OpenCore to boot Windows

    Renaming your device *just* in DSDT will not rename it in other tables, e.g. in SSDT. This leaves undefined references to your device and effectively makes Windows crash (no idea why macOS eats it in the first place). You should leave TableSignature empty or have multiple patches for all sorts of tables you need. Please read the manual properly next time, this should be relatively obvious from TableSignature description.
  8. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    @gndzer0, I updated the manual with regarding the connection. This was not a typo, but rather a specialty of select hardware pieces we had. You cannot call DEBUG in runtime mode (i.e. after ExitBootServices or basically when OS starts up), because select memory addresses are no longer valid at that step, and you cannot use e.g. files you opened previously. To workaround it we have a dedicated RUNTIME_DEBUG macro. Currently RUNTIME_DEBUG is empty, but you are supposed to add SerialPortWrite (or similar) calls at that place. Properly speaking, you need to create RuntimeDebugPrint function in OcDebugLogLib, and implement RUNTIME_DEBUG just as normal DEBUG but call RuntimeDebugPrint. Within that function you need to call SerialPortWrite after the necessary ASCII → Unicode text conversion (note, that you cannot use heap). Given that serial port I/O requires some basic writing it may make good sense to somehow synchronise OcLog protocol and local runtime debug printing library (it must be local to FwRuntimeServices to not get its memory discarded after ExitBootServices). Perhaps, it would make sense to have one more function, named RuntimeDebugConfigure (with no arguments), which will locate OcLog protocol and let you enable RuntimeDebug in case OcLog protocol has serial port debugging enabled. It will be appreciated if you could submit a patch on that =)
  9. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hmmm, this is strange. I did not have any issues with XNU and OC at the same time as long as the cable length was fine. You should note, however, that OpenCore currently does not do serial initialisation. https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/issues/482 As for connection, this is strange. Classical null-modem connection (as you described) is what you normally need, but I am pretty sure it did not work with my adapter. I heard that many boards mislabel UART pins, and it may well be the case that mine did it too. I should ask someone to recheck and probably update with a note that on some boards the pins are swapped.
  10. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    @gndzer0, no code is currently written, but you can try to add serial logging here: https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleSupportPkg/blob/master/Platform/FwRuntimeServices/UefiRuntimeServices.c. Your issue might be related to TSC syncing, given the symptoms. Are you aware of https://github.com/RehabMan/VoodooTSCSync?
  11. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    @Sniki, this sounds like a serious bug in your firmware, I will PM you here, and we will try to find some working solution.
  12. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    @Sniki, please do not ignore this request: Also provide me with the latest EFI directory with 0.0.4 or 0.5.0 you had with all the recommendations. @Sniki, please do not ignore this request: Also provide me with the latest EFI directory with 0.0.4 or 0.5.0 you had with all the recommendations.
  13. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    @Sniki, this is very strange. Can you confirm that you use the latest set of drivers and files? Either master or 0.0.4? Please enable RequestBootVarRouting. If that helps, we probably have a bug somewhere. What you have in the log is UEFI runtime services executing from non executable memory. It is probably reasonable to try 0.0.3 and AptioMemoryFix, as I see no reason any of these would behave anyhow differently.
  14. vit9696

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hmm, I rechecked your panic screen, and to be honest it does not even look like a CFG Lock (or any MSR stuff), more like dereferencing null pointer. Perhaps you should consider looking somewhere else. Correct, and you use a separate GUID space with FwRuntimeServices.efi to avoid other options getting into your way of running.
  15. vit9696

    How to setup USB port limits under OpenCore?

    This is correct that you can temporarily enable this quirk to enumerate your ports and create a plist-only kext. This should be documented in Configuration.pdf.