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Patch enabling Handoff for non Apple BT4 devices.

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On some other forums people claiming to enable Handoff for BT4 USB dongles with this Clover kext patch:


Credit to Dokterdok.




<string>Handoff Fix</string>









If no joy try:

Find: 8B878C010000

Replace: B80F00000090


Below new patch from dokterdok:


Here below is a refreshed patch that allows 3rd party Bluetooth 4.0 LE devices to work with Continuity, now on OS X 10.10.2 beta as well as the previous versions.Filename: IOBluetoothFamily

Find: 48 85 C0 74 5C 0F B7 48

Replace: 41 BE 0F 00 00 00 EB 59

A few notes:

  • You don't need to apply my previous Handoff binary patch to make this one work
  • You need Broadcom Wi-Fi hardware that runs with the Brcm4360 kext
  • The patch skips internal compatibility checks, and therefore might incorrectly flag Bluetooth 1/2/3 hardware as Continuity compatible (Handoff / Instant Hotspot)
  • After the patch is applied and your system rebooted, log out and log in iCloud on OS X. It can take a few minutes for your iOS device and system to do the Continuity handshake.
Non Clover guys:


# Patch IOBluetoothFamily for Instant Hotspot / Hand-off

sudo perl -i.bak -pe 's|\x8B\x87\x8C\x01\x00\x00|\xB8\x0F\x00\x00\x00\x90​|sg' /System/Library/Extensions/IOBluetoothFamily.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOBluetoothFamily


Edit. It does work for some USB and Wi-fi/BT4 combo cards.

You must add kext-dev-mode=1 to boot and sign out from your ICloud, after reboot sign in.



Confirmed devices working with correct smbios:

BCM94352 /AzureWave AW-CE123H combo card (this card is the one working the best with this patch)

Orico BTA-402 USB BT Adapter firmware 8891 (confirmed on macbook pro smbios and BCM4322 but Hotspot unreliable )

USB devices with 20702A3 chip but only with Broadcom 943xx Wi-Fi and mainly on MacBook smbios

BCM20702 Internal cards based on 20702A3 firm.v14 c4096 confirmed to work




I just got Orico BTA-402 and it doesn't work for me on MacPro 3.1 smbios and Atheros 9280. Conclusion is that your smbios probably should be white listed for handoff and perhaps you also need Broadcom Airdrop compatible Wi-Fi card



It seems that people using MacBook Pro smbios got lucky with this patch


Edit 4


White list argument is invalid, handoff works even on Mac Pro 3,1 with corect Wi-Fi/BT4 card


If you got it working please post name of your device, chipset and firmware from System Report and please state what smbios you using (e.g. MacPro 6.1) and your Wi-Fi card.

Many thanks

It is better to post the original thread link.


The Handoff toggle appeared without any functionality.

System log shows that "Stopping Handoff scanning", which is different from a real Mac.


FYI: My USB Bluetooth Adapter is BTA-402 (CSR chip)

The following attachment is the log from Console.



Update: Instant Hotspot also doesn't work.

I found the original post, it is:



Also, I can confirm this patch works on my bcm94352 combo cards. Handoffs now fully functional. One trick though, if you cannot use handoff after toggle it on, is to sign out and back in your iCloud account. Hope it helps. =D

Wow that's great guys. I think firmware plays the role too.

AustereJ is your bta-402 Orico brand?


What chipset and firmware you got showing in System Report?


So I can edit main post with devices confirmed working. Many thanks


Yes, it is Orico band.

The following attachment is the System Report.



In general, my adapter is BCM4322 Wireless Adapter + Orico BTA-402 USB BT Adapter.

Handoff works fine. Instant hotspot partially works.



I can only find my cell phone in the Personal Hotspot part of wifi list.

When I tried to connect to my hotspot, the system returned an error message dialoge "Failed to enable Personal Hotspot on XXX".


After this dialoge, I can no longer find my phone in the wifi list, unless I restart the computer or replug in the BT adapter.


FYI, the console returns two error msgs when trying to activate and connect to the hotspot.

SDHotspotBrowser::sendMessage:toDeviceWithID:isRequest:messageID:error: Sending from device ID to destination = self-token:4DD0E6B6A0EC19DAF200EF56166D68BDAAC9FA4B30E5F8F8434C2D6926570739/mailto:<HERE IS Apple ID, hidden>, with identifier = C826436C-6C7E-4900-8822-6186D842316D, message = {
    HotspotBrowserMessageType = 0;
    HotspotMessageVersion = 1;
SDHotspotBrowser::retrieveTimerFired: Called handler with timeout error (identifier = 57CB89BD-26A9-4ECD-91A6-0671DEF63925)

and the console returns the following error msg when trying to find the phone:

SDActivityAdvertiser::continuity:didFailToStartAdvertisingOfType:withError: TetheringTargetPresence (The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.apple.identityservices.error error 200.))



nice discover


07/11/14 08:58:41,330 sharingd[381]: 08:58:41.330 : Device Capabilities (Handoff:YES, Instant Hotspot:YES, AirDrop:YES, Legacy AirDrop:YES, Remote Disc:NO)

BCM94352 HMB/AzureWave AW-CE123H
good hack

BCM94352 worked 


Before patched

 sharingd[299]: 00:28:42.514 : Device Capabilities (Handoff:NO, Instant Hotspot:NO, AirDrop:YES, Legacy AirDrop:YES, Remote Disc:YES)


After patched

sharingd[295]: 00:33:09.221 : Device Capabilities (Handoff:YES, Instant Hotspot:YES, AirDrop:YES, Legacy AirDrop:YES, Remote Disc:YES)

Nice!  It worked on my BCM20702 Bluetooth card.  (My laptop has separate slots for bluetooth and wifi.  Although I have two combo cards in my laptop, only bluetooth works in the bluetooth slot and only wifi works in the wifi slot.)  My wifi card is the BCM94322.


BTW, the code at the top did not work for me.  I had to use the following:


Find: 8B878C010000

Replace: B80F00000090


I can also confirm that I have received notifications in the dock about activities taking place on my phone.

Confirmed not working :(

IOGear, Belikn and other BCM20702 USB dongles based on 20702A3 chip and running v14 c4096 firmware. (Apparently devices with v14 c5575 firmware works but not yet 100% confirmed)


If you got it working please post name of your device, chipset and firmware from System Info


You might want to hold off on saying that the BCM20702A3 chipset with v14 c4096 firmware is confirmed not to work.



Hmm. ^^^

Same firmware as mine USB dongle, obviously your device is internal.

You also got different Product ID, Composite Class Of Device and Device Class (Minor) rest is the same. 

I think device class(minor) must be 0x03 and I got 0x01, not sure


Happy that it works for you.


PS: It might be that patch only works for laptops? Can anybody with desktop smbios can confirm USB dongle working with this patch?


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