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  1. NSU 2.2 has been released, with Lilu 1.2.0 supported. If you have any issue when using this new version, please report ASAP.
  2. Hi, I just upgraded to macOS High Sierra. I will update the code to prevent it from loading during the installation soon. Thanks for your reply and support. Cheers, FireWolf
  3. Good. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. Hi! Version 2.1 should fix your issue. Thanks for your support.
  5. Hi all! I made a new Lilu plugin which unlocks the Night Shift function for all Macs. Those who use an unsupported SMBIOS no longer need to modify and re-codesign the CoreBrightness binary manually. Requirement: macOS Sierra 10.12.4+ and Lilu 1.2.0+ Currently Supported OS: macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra Source & Downloads: Github Screenshot: Enjoy!
  6. OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 is out!

    Verified. FireWolfs-MBP:~ FireWolf$ openssl sha /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg SHA(/Applications/Install OS X El Capitan.app/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg)= 613da28830600bcb40fdd012879869119b7899a9
  7. Agreed. That's more secure. I choose to use the ja opcode since the direct jmp is a big instruction, and I am afraid of messing up the kernel panic part. Anyway, thanks a lot. I will update the post. Congrats! I assume that you are talking about the Intel HD Graphics 540, the successor of the Intel HD Graphics 6000.
  8. Apple only put the new IGPU drivers in the final release of 10.11.4. Nothing new in betas.
  9. A new version of Skylake integrated graphics driver was included in the latest OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 update. Some "restrictions" (checking pci ids of Broadwell's IGPUs) have been removed from the AppleIntelFramebufferController::start() method. So basically your Skylake's IGPUs could be working now. - Some Remarks Should you have kernel panic like minStolenSize <= fStolenMemorySize, you could avoid it by: Either (1) Applying the patch Name: AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer Find 4139C476 Replace 4139C477 (Note that you should NOT use this patch if your DVMT pre-allocated memory in your BIOS settings is already >= 64MB) Or (2) Applying the patch (Thanks to Rehabman) Name: AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer Find: 4139c4762a Replace: 4139c4eb2a or (3) you could modify the DVMT pre-allocated memory in your BIOS settings to 64MB or 96MB. (SUGGESTED) (Note that this method is suggested especially when you have a laptop with high resolution screen) Assertion failed: minStolenSize <= fStolenMemorySize I will keep updating this post. Looking forward to some successful cases. Cheers, FireWolf
  10. Hmm, that's interesting. Thanks for your detailed feedback. Using Chameleon bootloader may be the issue, and I will check this. BTW, could you please tell me which tool you are using to check the current SIP settings?
  11. Thanks for you feedback. And yes, I already implemented the drag-and-drop function in the next V3.3 version. The new version will be released soon.
  12. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a bug in 3.1. Now I have released a new version and fixed this bug. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. Thanks for your feedback. So those who have AMD CPUs should use the AMD version in #11.