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  1. I wouldn't put high end card like r9 or gtx780 im mp1,1. Way to much CPU and PCI bottlenecks. You will always get lower benchmarks than people on modern PC's, way way lower. Apple branded 5870 would be good in my opinion, or hunt for flashed gtx 680 and enjoy the power. Coming back to your question, I think when card is flashed so all ports works and it's correctly recognised and accelerated it will for sure make the difference. Did you test this card under Windows? You could determine if those are hardware or software glitches. All the best.
  2. What OS X you installed? On older macs sometimes you need to turn off the wireless restart computer and enable wireless again. It should join now.
  3. Hi, I'm not really sure what is the problem? Card seems working fine, benchmarks are OK for that card. You're lucky it worked as you didn't pick most compatible series of GPU's.
  4. Thanks to some guys on a Polish Mac forum, I nailed the problem. USB signal was interfering with PCI-e line hence preventing EFI boot, I covered that pins with tiny strip of electrical tape and everything works. This MacBook now have 250GB SSD, 6GB Ram and fast wireless and native bluetooth 4.0. I removed DVD drive later I'll add 1TB drive in it's space. Hope that this will help someone, nobody replied here but good luck anyway. I've made the same post on Macrumors forum and on myapple pl forum.
  5. More drama. Bluetooth actually works, but only when I hot plug when system is loaded: Can anybody help me on this? Why system won't boot with bluetooth card connected? There is no boot screen only boot sound and white screen. Without D+ connected system boots normally. Wiring is correct as card is working correctly after hot plug. It's only USB device at the end of the day. I'm waiting for the new card and usb BT4.0 dongle and we will see how this behaves.
  6. Ok adapter is fine, I've check it with multi meter and there is no short and signal going to correct pins. However Macbook doesn't boot with Bluetooth D+ and D- connected. I've tried fetch data from USB port and old bluetooth card connector and same thing as soon as I connect D+ MacBook won't boot. There is only 2 possible causes. Bluetooth part on my BCM94360CD combo card is busted or MacBook is. I've ordered another card and usb 4.0 dongle supported by OSX just in case. This should arrive in 2 days so not bad. Here is photo of Wireless part of the card working:
  7. Connector was a big mistake as it is too big for the case to close. I had to de-solder. I must've damaged the adapter when desoldering as it's melted a bit, very poor quality board. WI-FI works but when I'm connecting bluetooth line I have white screen and no boot! I've tried to swap yellow and green cables but it doesn't want to boot. I'm thinking short on usb data line. Now I'm stuck as adapter took 3 weeks to arrive from china, I got another one but without USB data inputs. I might try to solder straight to pins on that one. Not good.
  8. Ok so I bought old macbook in a mint condition for my wife. This is nvidia model and can be upgraded to El Cap/Yosemite no problem. I already got SSD and 6GB ram. I need continuity as my wife have an iPhone. I can solder no problem. I got BCM94360CD combo card, adapter, USB BT4.0 dongle just in case. That's existing airport card (image from ifixit) Existing BT2.0 card I need to find pinout of that Bluetooth connector so I can steal signal and transfer to BCM94360CD adapter. If that's not possible I would like to install small BT4.0 dongle internally. Stay tuned... Found this guide on this mighty forum http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/252958-guide-installing-apple-bluetooth-module-in-your-hackintosh/ So I got existing BT pinout. I just need to think about it and wait for all the parts. Found more pictures of similar mod for Mac Pro, basically i'll do the same but for MacBook: http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/802-11ac-bt-4-0-and-continuity-handoff-are-working-on-mac-pro-2010-keep-updating.1748061/ Edit: Actual adapter arrived from China. I Installed port connector: Edit: Please don't install any connectors, case will not close. You will need solder the cables straight to the adapter. Waiting for a new SSD I don't wan't to open that Macbook several times. Next update in couple of days.
  9. Old MBP GPU problem

    Maybe you could boot with clover from usb and disable nvidia with a flag
  10. M.2 native wireless/bt card options?

    intel wifi will never work, apple only use broadcom chips recently
  11. Ok, it was a ribbon cable. I finally replaced one and drive works again. I found it bizarre that internal cable was the culprit but otherwise eBay seller wouldn't sell hundreds of these cables. Perhaps this is a common fault on mbp 2012.
  12. Hi everyone, it's been a short while. I'm using real MacBook Pro but dual core i5 struggles with heavy projects in Logic. I got myself: i7 4790 Ga-z97x-Game Plus GTX -780 Got a lot of experience building hackintoshes on the ancient 775 platform but not the newer stuff so I got few questions. Shall I use iMac 14,2 smbios? Does OS X recognise m.2 slot on z97x boards? If so what kind of M.2 SSD should I buy as there are nvme and ahci also sata 3 versions? Thanks
  13. I'm on el capitan so trim is native. Yes hard drive works inside but I used dvd caddy like that http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0058AH2US so not ideal as I don't have a internal dvd drive now. I was wondering if sata controller is faulty or maybe the ribbon cable? I guess I'm going to have to buy new cable to find out.