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  1. lisai9093

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    I'm using iMac18,3 smbios and shikigva=16 boot-arg only. Sidecar and apple tv+ are both working now.
  2. lisai9093

    [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.2

    Thanks it works now!
  3. lisai9093

    [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.2

    Compiled lilu 1.4.0 and whatevergreen 1.3.5 here from source. I tried AppleTV+ app still not working without any boot-arg. It seems iGPU still a problem. Archive.zip
  4. lisai9093

    Random kernel panic while using macOS

    Problem seems solved. It appears to be something wrong with disk (partition table likely.) I clean the whole disk using diskpart in Windows instead of using macOS disk utility, which I did before. So far no more random panic problem. If you have similar problem, try use diskpart to initialize your disk.
  5. lisai9093

    Random kernel panic while using macOS

    Update: kernel panic still occurred from time to time. I've used Hopper to dissembler the kernel in order to find out what exactly triggered the panic. Here is my finding: _hndl_unix_scall64: ffffff8014ce1201 call _unix_syscall64 _unix_syscall64: ffffff801539a1a7 call qword [rcx+rax*8] ffffff8014fa73b9 call _VNOP_REMOVE _VNOP_REMOVE: ffffff8014fc8093 call qword [rax+rcx*8] 0xffffff7f967b20f6: not found _ubc_setsize: ffffff80152cc8f6 call _ubc_setsize_ex _ubc_setsize_ex: ffffff80152cc665 call _memory_object_lock_request _memory_object_lock_request: ffffff8014dbe545 call sub_ffffff80003e8470 sub_ffffff80003e89a0: ffffff8014de8a84 call _vm_page_free_list sub_ffffff8000409680: ffffff8014e0969c call _vm_page_free_prepare_object _vm_page_free_prepare_object: ffffff8014e067d3 call _vm_page_remove _vm_page_remove ffffff8014e069a3 mov esi, dword [rax] _return_from_trap: ffffff8014ce0a3b call _kernel_trap _kernel_trap: ffffff8014e62b03 call _sync_iss_to_iks+208 _sync_iss_to_iks: ffffff8014e62e05 call _panic _panic: ffffff80154d17f4 call _panic_trap_to_debugger _panic_trap_to_debugger: ffffff8014d39506 call _DebuggerTrapWithState _DebuggerTrapWithState: ffffff8014d39127 mov rax, qword [gs:0x0] _return_from_trap: ffffff8014ce0a3b call _kernel_trap _kernel_trap: ffffff8014e62a59 call _kdp_i386_trap _kdp_i386_trap: ffffff8014e70fe0 call _handle_debugger_trap _handle_debugger_trap: ffffff8014d39a36 call _SavePanicInfo It seems _vm_page_remove function is the culprit. So I guess the problem is virtual memory related? What should I do next? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. panic 4.txt
  6. lisai9093

    Random kernel panic while using macOS

    Yes, that has been disabled. The hard disk kernel panic was resolved sometimes ago after 10.15 is out. Thanks! I will try it starting tonight
  7. lisai9093

    Random kernel panic while using macOS

    thanks, i wil include it in the original post
  8. The panic behavior appears to be random to me, from under 1 hour to more than one day while running macOS, include sleep/wake cycle. And each time the panic report is different. Sometime it includes kext backtrace, sometime it does not. Here are three most recent panic reports as well as RunMe output file. My desktop configuration is in my signature. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. panic.txt panic 2.txt panic 3.txt Send me Sais-Mac-Pro.zip
  9. lisai9093

    Clover General discussion

    I think it depends on your SMBIOS. Try mac pro SMBIOS instead of imac ones to light up your monitors.
  10. lisai9093

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    sleep works fine since the first beta. I think your problem is not related to macOS itself.
  11. lisai9093

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Any1 has this problem at startup? It happens after I changed my SMBios to MacPro7,1 and nothing else. OS build is 19A558d. Nothing shows up when I click it except the very first time (which I don't have screenshot). Checked memory in System information and everything looks normal to me.
  12. Solve my problem with Rx580 as well!
  13. lisai9093

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    No problem with apple keyboard here.
  14. lisai9093

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Updated no problem.
  15. lisai9093

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    The sidecar option only shows up when connected to your ipad for first time. Also iPad need to signed into same iCloud account as your mac.