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    use 5 monitors with dGPU and iGPU together

    i figured it out. I changed the ipg platform id to the correct one. It was on head-less setting
  2. GA-Z77X-UP5-TH + HD4000 + GTX 1080 = 5 monitors working togetheri have enabled IGPU from bios. But the iGPU isn't working.i am on clover 4920 with Lilu and WEG.please help. thanks boot_log.txt info.txt config.plist
  3. anyone can comment how this function is working on hackintosh? thanks
  4. 3square

    Gigabyte X79-UP4 macOS Sierra (SUCCESS)

    can you confirm all USB3 port works? thanks
  5. 3square

    Pandora's Box III

    thank you! for your work and your prompt response/update! edit: have tried it and worked. awesome sauce
  6. 3square

    Pandora's Box III

    hi, i got to this window. It just say "checking now for the OS X version".... and nothing else? thank you
  7. 3square

    Pandora's Box III

    hi, can you give me a walkthrough of how to use Hera? i'm not sure what is the problem with my RecoveryHD.
  8. hey, try turning off power nap in preference panel. in yosemite, i didn't have this problem. power nap works fine then. but with elcapo power nap doesn't work anymore, and the computer goes to hibernate. i'm guessing some thing broke hibernate.
  9. i have the same problem too. i've fixed my USB problem. all usb ports are working. so isolate that out. i can make it sleep via the drop down menu, and wake it with keyboard/mouse but when i set it to sleep after X hrs. that's when it hibernate and won't wake from hibernation.
  10. I set it to hibernate after X hour, it would do so. But when I wake it, it would boot but won't load into OS X. I see the clover boot menu say "boot OS X (hibernate)". It will only load if I use the "cancel hibernate wake". I can put it to sleep from the drop down menu and waking it. It's setup as darkwake=10 in clover I'll post my pmset later. Thanks
  11. my iojones only shows XHC, no XHC1 all my usb port works. EXCEPT for the two that are physically on the motherboard itself. i'm using one of the port for apple/bluetooth card ...i'm getting too old for this
  12. just to update on this after updating to 10.10.3 the problem is gone!! no more mouse cursor disappearing!
  13. i had the same issue as well. regarding booting from clone. the next "big" update, i'll do a clean install. cause yeah… cleaning house
  14. I solved the mouse cursor trail and artifact problem by using nvidia's driver instead of OS X. Still have the mirrored screens on login. When I use fast-user switching the mouse cursor disappeared. I had to erase all the files in system pref folder and it solve that for the other user. Not my main one. Didn't want to erase all my main user setting. Hope hat helps
  15. 3square

    osxAptioFixDrv error - Boot failed (clover)

    I'm having this same problem as well. Didn't do anything to my rig. I only install the new Broadcom card bcm94360cd. I don't know how that is related. This happen yesterday. I check my clover boot argument and some how slide=0 was in it. Removed it boots fine again. Restart it was back in. I'm on clover r3021 with 10.10.1