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  1. calibre™

    macOS HighSierra 10.13.3 released

    which of the trials worked?
  2. calibre™

    Clover problems report & features request

    define doesn't work please? mine stuck at +++++++++++++++++++ had to use AptioMemoryFix
  3. calibre™

    Clover General discussion

    the delay happens on legacy or UEFI mode?
  4. calibre™

    i7-7700K Z270M PLUS @ macOS 10.12!

    wrong thread
  5. @Mickey1979 which one do you recommend, v4.1.5 from the download section or v4.2.5 from github?
  6. calibre™

    Clover General discussion

    nicozan whats got clover to do with that?
  7. ^^ wait for nvidia before before you update if you're not so sure an empty NVDARequiredOS is better <key>NVDARequiredOS</key> <string></string>
  8. calibre™

    Update to Sierra

    boot in verbose
  9. calibre™

    Update to Sierra

    same what you did last time. dont format the existing Yosemite HDD
  10. calibre™

    Clover General discussion

    wouldn't it be better if ACPi > DSDT > Patches also has the "MatchOS" feature?
  11. calibre™

    Enable GT 210 HDMI Audio

    i don't think if the audio part is supported
  12. calibre™

    VoodooSDHC SD Card Reader for El Capitan

    it doesnt need to be updated for 10.11.6
  13. calibre™

    My audio still not work CX20590 for sierra

    that's what you asked for
  14. calibre™

    My audio still not work CX20590 for sierra

  15. calibre™

    Problem with Sierra boot on P4 Quad core

    what method/kext are you using