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  1. Try to tape space bar to get the next menu and continue the installation !
  2. Thanks for your remplies. In order to be sure, could someone compile or show to compile this source code in github ElCapitan ? https://github.com/reid/xnu-speedstep-air I need to use this kext for my macbook 7,1 mid-2010 that is under Elcapian. Thank you
  3. And if it's compiled for 10.9, it will also work for El Capitan ? Thank you
  4. @spakk, Yes this is exactly my question : How to compile/modify the source code from github for El Capitan 10.11.4 ? Thank you
  5. Hello, I need help for compiling a kext, with the right "traget", running on 10.9 Mavericks to use it in El Capitain 10.11.4. I have installed Xcode but never used before for compiling kext. Can someone post a screencasts of the steps to follow, or compile this kext if he has Xcode for El Capitan already installed? Here is the kext. IntelEnhancedSpeedStep.kext.zip Great thanks you in advance.
  6. InsanelyRepairPermission

    This is what I was missing !! Thank you
  7. InsanelyRepairPermission

    Hi, how to make it to operate in a real mac? Thank you
  8. Enoch

    Version r2795 doesn't boot Snow Leopard ! Thank you
  9. Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    Could you share the plugins for FakeSMC ? Thank you
  10. InsanelyRepairPermission

    Hello, please explain how to load it practically ? Thank you
  11. Make Me Legacy

    Hello, Is that works for a patched AppleHDA.kext ? Thank you
  12. Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    I don't have this problem in El Cap, but I used Evoreboot.kext in Yoesemite for this. Try it !