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  1. Kaya80

    Aiuto post installazione Sierra OSx

    ok, posto tutto appena possibile, seguo il link, creo i report ed allego tutto...grazie mille x ora
  2. Kaya80

    Aiuto post installazione Sierra OSx

    O_o Scusami, ma il problema non è il boot, ma i continui e costanti blocchi che ho
  3. Kaya80

    Aiuto post installazione Sierra OSx

    No so cosa tu voglia abbia bisogno di vedere, ma è tutto scritto, anche nei post precedenti. Cmq il problema si presenta sempre quando alla lunga visualizzo video in generale, inizia a generare artefatti grafici, fino a quando, senza preavviso, si pianta tutto e sono costretto a spegnere forzatamente. Se hai cmq bisogno di foto o report vari fammi sapere, anche se significherebbe attendere che il notebook dia il problema...Grazie
  4. Kaya80

    Aiuto post installazione Sierra OSx

    Qualcuno mi da una mano a capire?
  5. Kaya80

    Aiuto post installazione Sierra OSx

    Ragazzi, per favore aiutatemi…non ce la faccio proprio più, ogni avvio ho un blocco, mi basta tenerlo acceso 1 oretta e vedere qualche video per impallarlo e forzare lo spegnimento, non ricordo di aver avuto mai tutti questi problemi così grossi fino ad ora, anche perchè su Windows è impeccabile, ho montato anche un SSD da 250gb per velocizzare il tutto, ma continua a darmi grossi problemi, da dove potrei iniziare a controllare?
  6. Kaya80

    Aiuto post installazione Sierra OSx

    Tutto risolto usando un altro Clover, versione 4522 legacy, il problema fondamentale era quello, è filato tutto liscio su installazione pulita del 10.13.5
  7. Yes mate, only legacy give me a chance, now i'm going to install Clover 4522 on Internal HDD, transfer my kext and verify if it start from internal without using the installer Ooooooooooooooohhhh finally, 4522 give me the expected results, works like a charm now!! Thank you very much for your patience,now the last step is to install Windows, but after Windows installation, i've to reboot from the installer to OSx and reinstall clover on internal, so Windows boot manager will not overlay Clover bootloader
  8. i did it Now I'm using That Clover version to start a new installation process with anew external and a new internal, to see if after the installation i will have a valid entry to boot I'm trying in UEFI...just to try the last time And nothing to do, blinking cursor and no boot...now i'm going with legacy again and at least the installer started immediately....so i think i can only use legacy Clover, definitively
  9. BTW it doesn't work neither with this, maybe i've to try some older version...i tried to add the entry manually in Bios, setting \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI as path, but nothing….now i will try to prepare a new clean installer and a new internal drive, starting with old clover 4392, the one i used before trying this
  10. O thanks Zod, i'll try immediately...and thank you more than Zod Maybe, the best thing now is to da a clean installa again, and a new clean installer on Usb drive, i think the system and the BCD are a complete disaster
  11. With Uefi settings on USB installer I simply can't boot, and the installer doesn't reach the installer, giving me the same horrible message of " unable to find bootable device", like now. I installed High Sierra 10.13.3 build, Clover 4558, and yes, i can easily create another, maybe i can try in Uefi mode and tell you something more about the boot problem
  12. No, from the USB installer i can boot, it is from internal that i can't...i have no problem with USB, i can't boot in anyway from internal, so i have to attch my installer every time and boot from it to reach both Mac and windws, if i disconeect the usb installer, i can't boot….unable to find bootable device bla bla bla bla...
  13. I'm sorry to disturb you, if you're tired don't worry, we can talk about this Tomorrow, no problem mate...but i already did that, i mean copy everything to internal hdd soon after i completed the installation, it's Always the first thing i do when i install MAC, and my EFI folder on Mac partition is exactly like your picture