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Graphics - No GPU Power Management

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For what it's worth, this seems to be working correctly for me now (definitely wasn't working correctly a few weeks ago).  I have no idea what changed to get this working on my end, but I haven't yet been able to get stuck at the higher clock speed.


Using Clover EFI, iMac 14,2



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No change in 13B40. I guess we can rule out a fix from Apple at this stage.


Has anyone had a good look at AGPM edits?


Something else I've noticed is when the card gets stuck iStat shows 100% VRAM usage. Normally it's a little over half.

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But isn't one of the requirements to have both Nvidia GPU and HD4000 running in OS X that the HD4000 must be set as primary display?


If I can enable the HD4000 without having to actually use it and it fixes the GPU cooking issue then I guess I should get going...I need a new Hackintosh challenge anyway to keep this interesting...it gets so boring when everything works lol


Last time I started out on this I gave up immediately because enabling the HD4000 would result in some kind of conflict where Windows would boot up without hardware accelerated graphics, like the drivers for my 660 GTX weren't loading.

You don't need your Nvidia GPU to play a movie ,write a text,load a torrent or safari so what the problem use your hd4000 as primary.For example if you are going to play a game or If you use adobe cs6 suite and cuda acceleration your system will load nvidia gpu.Install lucid virtu software in windows to load both cards and trust me hd4000 is powered off when you system use nvidia primary for example to play a game.

I'd much rather buy a second display than having some software kludge that barely works right deciding which GPU should handle the task at hand.


It seems like a great idea but I have only heard bad things about VirtuMVP, it came free with my motherboard but IIRC you have to pay for it to get full functionality and even then it's sketchy at best. No way in hell am I paying for that. :rolleyes:


I just want my GPU to work right in OS X, I don't want to have to deal with a whole bunch of other issues in Windows.

I enabled in UEFI HD4000 card as primary, but connected monitor to GTX650Ti. Now I have hardware accelerated video playback in MacOS and QuickSync in Windows. But nVidia GPU still idles at full frequency, which did not happen in ML.

I think 2 cards, be it in crossfire, or multiple vendors, (with iGPU included) has always been tricky to get it working 100% in OSX. I don't think it's impossible to get 2 gfx cards fully working in osx like with some smart dsdt edits for example it might be able to do the job. The issue i happen to come across myself is that in my triple-boot env i can use both cards sim in osx / win (and also say mirror a screen), how i want it to, and also change this behavior in between boots. Except for ubuntu studio, once i turn on the iGPU feature of my 4770k, it fails displaying anything useful on any output. Even with a grub vesa boot-switch i cannot get basic video output working.

bad news
I do not understand whey you have problems with update 10.9. 2 .What does not work ? on my AMD System everything works perfectly since l installed the update10.9. 2 . all Adobe Tools , Graphics etc. perfect. l am assuming thatyou have some made a small error. ?
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