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  1. Hi All, I have a motherboard with an integrated i217v NIC as well as a PCIe Intel Pro/1000 PT (dual port). For the past few days I have been attempting to get better transmit performance out of both of these. Typically I'm maxing out at around 56-60MB/s for tx while rx is 100MB/s+. I've ruled out all other potential causes and tried a wide variety of kexts to attempt to resolve this problem. Thus far I've determined that the performance issue is directly linked to the E1000_CTRL_TFCE parameter. When E1000_CTRL_TFCE is set to true transmission rates take a nosedive. When E1000_CTRL_TFCE is set to false the NIC stops working shortly after beginning the transmission of a large file, but tx speeds are 100MB/s+. Anyone have any input on this?
  2. Vulcan

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    For what it's worth, this seems to be working correctly for me now (definitely wasn't working correctly a few weeks ago). I have no idea what changed to get this working on my end, but I haven't yet been able to get stuck at the higher clock speed. Using Clover EFI, iMac 14,2
  3. I'm trying to track down the root cause for random reboots I have been experiencing. One thing that has me stumped is that I have had zero kernel panic logs. Even when I manually trigger a kernel panic: sudo dtrace -w -n "BEGIN{ panic();}" I don't end up with anything being logged in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ Am I missing something here?
  4. Vulcan

    GTX770 grey screen after second boot.

    'graphicsenabled' isn't a valid flag. You want to use graphicsenabler=no (not yes!) You should also be booting in verbose mode (-v) so you can actually see what is happening. I'll also note that it is near impossible to help you beyond this without specific knowledge of the hardware you are using.
  5. Hey guys. I recently got a black MacBook and have been loving it. However, I find that it is simply too slow for some things I would like to do. For example, sometimes when I am working in Garage Band I get a message stating that the track cannot be played back in real time. I have a windows desktop I recently built that I use for gaming. Since getting the macbook I've been tossing around the idea of trying to get OS X running on it since Apple seems to think there is no market for an upgradeable desktop that doesn't cost 3000.00. The system consists of a Gigabyte P35 DS3R, E6750, 4GB ram, 9600 GT, 150GB Raptor. Obviously, the 9600GT could be a problem. I would be open to replacing that if needed. Is there any way to run with vanilla kernels so that updates can be installed without problem? I thought this was one of the benefits of the newer releases? Is this actually reliable enough for it to be my main computer? Thanks.
  6. Has anyone had any success installing and using OSX under Virtual PC 2007? I get an unrecoverable processor error as soon as the installer tries to load. Any ideas?