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  1. Picasso

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    @izo1 do you update your DSDT each time you upgrade bios?
  2. Picasso

    I7 8700k ¿SMBIOS 19,1 19,2 o MacPro1,1?

    Mac Pro 1,1 es lo mejor en tu caso, dado que tu placa permite codificar y descodificar h264 y HVEC. De no ser así tengo entendido que parte de ese trabajo lo realizaría la gráfica de tu procesador que es incomparable a la potencia de la gráfica. Probablemente no necesites usar whatevergreen en los kext. Pero mejor tenerlo, por que deberías tener muy bien configurada son los ACPI en el config.plist. Por otra parte, un solido DSDT para la Asus y una instalación Vanilla, sin utilizar kext no originales en el sistema te daría el máximo provecho. El DSDT te lo puede armar Maldon, que esta en este sitio. Es el mejor. De paso te va a echar mano en el config. Recordá antes de enviárselo, actualizar tu Bios a la última versión. Civediamo dopo! Salve a Tutti.
  3. Picasso

    Usb-Inject-All kext causing issues

    I recommend you using your USB-c, create an SSDT_USB. Take a time but is a longer solution. There is a lot of guide. Y paste here for example https://github.com/fidele007/Asus-ROG-GL552VW-Hackintosh/wiki/Creating-a-Custom-SSDT-for-USB-Ports Have a good one!
  4. I recommend 18.3, because was the Sys Def that I used for Final Cut. Using all the potential of the GPU + iGPU (Devoding h264 and 265). (Now I change because I have Radeon VII). I don't think processor works a lot better with different Smbios. Regards!
  5. You have to change Smbios in Clover menu - 18,3. Boot and change in Confyg sys. Otherwise, boot with USB installation.
  6. Picasso

    alguém pode me ajudar? to muito perdido

    Use a good method like this. Others site break your system Voce debe utilizar una buona installazione: https://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6743
  7. 8700K es cheap, works awesome in video edition, and you can buy a better GPU.
  8. Picasso

    Post installazione

    Come stai? Comincia per questo link una nuova installazione. Nvidia precisa drivers. https://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=8685
  9. Picasso

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    @CMMChris Do you consider relevant WEG for R VII? I don't see any difference with or without...
  10. Picasso

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    You mean: GFX0 to IGPU HDAS to HDEF HECI to IMEI Thanks!
  11. Picasso

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    I tried your recommendation and everything works fine. FCPX and DaVinci works perfect. The only thing I see is a software VideoProc H264 ¨unavailable¨. A lilu/weg setting to fix this? thx
  12. Picasso

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    19,2 or 18,3? Grzie mile
  13. Picasso

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    Try: - in Config.plist, Graphics put Inject Intel and ig-platform: 18,3 for your processor (I have 8700k) - Devices IntelGFX I use 0x3E928086 - Boot: Dart=0 - disablegfxfirmware shikigva=60 - Latest whatevergreen and lily - Don't forget in your bios have multimonitor activated. I duplicate 580 performance with radeon vii Credits: Maldon in my case
  14. Picasso

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    New update 10.14.5 Beta (18F131a) - Better playback in Resolve - Fast exporting FCPX Bruce X 30% - Same Luxmark around 50000 - Cinebench Open GL same as 580 Pulse - GeekBench same as before.
  15. Picasso

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    Hi Guys, Beta 4 on the planet. I don't see any change from Beta 3 in performance. Except Luxmark Benchmark around 50.000 (who cares Benchs) , I don't see too much difference with RX 580 in Resolve and FCPX. Maybe a Whatevergreen update? I don't know.