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    10.10 Folder Icons

  3. Acer C720 (Core i3) seems to work oob i rather get the Lenovo X1 series. But i dont think they run coreboot
  4. try qemu with vfio passthrough. If your hardware can do that (VT-d) but u will need a dedicated gpu, i tried multiple configurations on VMware (ESXi) and i could get nothing working (tested only multiple nvidia cards that normally work under OSX86) im not sure what you are trying to accomplish by using tables from a virtualised solution for getting good graphic emulation support. Since real OpenGL / Quartz support in a VM seems a no-go. Best would be to test the older based Zenith drivers with Guestpatches.pkg (forgot the name) incl -svga boot switch?
  5. Only 970 series up have HDMI 2.0 output support DP 1.2 (on almost all cards out nowdays) can do 4k60 also, no need for any patch, the trick is mac os needs special kind of hacks to get normal hw work fine, such as AppleAzalia Framebuffer failing to to 4k oob HDMi 2.0 failing oob etc.
  6. my advice; buy a little older card, like a 660Ti instead, this wil work oob with any bootloader and does not require nvidia's webdriver. if u insist on the 750Ti i think you can just install the webdriver and your good to go, but make sure to turn of injection by your loader.
  7. aphex6b

    GTX 750 Ti

    Simple; the card fails to output anything on any connector up until the OS kicks in. So if u flash it make sure to have additional card so there is a way to reflash and also make changes in the UEFIBIOS, the bootloader, etc etc
  8. i only tested reefit and that works for me 9 out 10 times sometimes the allocation via boot.efi fails but the second try it works.
  9. aphex6b

    OSX on hardware RAID

    Perhaps with some cards.. i think i tried this with a LSI one, but i could not get the kext to load earlier in the boot stage, so it was not recognized. However it came with EFI utlity too if i think of it now but i dont know if its any use also legacy clover has something called BiosBlockIO but i cant really say if that will help, maybe it can be done via use of external helper app
  10. aphex6b

    Simple Graphics Card for X99 Hackintosh

    660Ti . Cheap, has uefi GOP, and does 4k. Also it always works. in general i do not recommend Maxwell nvidia series for mac os.
  11. Perhaps extracting the libclh.dylib manually from the webdrivers (and using regular stock gfx drivers) helps any..
  12. does it make any sense to use qemu's ACPI table loading feature or is that for i386 arch only? The fsb / qpi going crazy is that perhaps related to other timing based settings such as HPET tsc or the like?
  13. i honestly never had any issues with this, used it on multiple dual boot systems, with the majority of storage formatted as HFS. However, i did always miss mount options, like READ ONLY that cannot be that hard to implement right...