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Graphics - No GPU Power Management

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Same problem here with a GTX 670. Happens with different Applications, mostly Quicklook when viewing pictures, Office 2011, Aperture. Power draw increases by 30 watts, too, which is about 28% of normale idle wattage.

VLC does not do it for me on my GTX 660 Ti, although Transmission does, very weird.


After having installed Mavericks again I can now confirm, that especially QuickLook for pictures always triggers the bug. This is so weird, as the clocks go up and down really nice before. I really would like to know, if this occurs on real macs, too.


after searching the web, someone told me it´s related to agpm...can´t believe it


i use the same agpm edit´s as in ML, works perfect in ML, but in Mavericks some apps won`t throttle down, even if closed, and stay at 1.02/1.47 Ghz....
you see agpm is working, throttling down after FinalCut and OpenGL Extensions Viewer until you use apps like office for mac, vlc,..... ;)
i still think it´s app related.



Can you tell where in which program you get this readings?


Thanks and sorry for the off topic.

Having so many issues with my 560ti it's driving me nuts..i've added my device id and made adjustments to the agpm kext but even after identifying the card it still hangs on 10.9

I'm using Mac 14,2 definitions since two days.. It doesen't solve anything.... 


GPU Stuck at 810Mhz (full clock) and Temperatures +10 degrees respect to 10.8.5  on the same system.. (I booted up a 10.8.5 backup to verify it).

Have you guys consider updating HWSensor ? I did and I have no more troubles.

Seems that's a bad HW reading from HWMonitor

I'm running 5.3.1100 FakeSMC. 


Some people also reported higher power drawn from the power socket. 

After some tests I think I can confirm that it's not a problem with HWSensors. I removed all FakeSMC plugins and measured power usage at the wall. After booting, my system idles at about 59W, which is the same as it was with ML. After watching a video in VLC the system idles at 94W. This makes it pretty clear, I think, that the GPU isn't throttled back.


Now, to me it's not surprising that editing Info.plist in the AGPM kext doesn't make a difference. With ML my system changed GPU frequency up and down even without AGPM edits, i.e. even when I got "[AGPM Controller] unknownPlatform" in the log. This seems to indicate that the change is somewhere deeper in OS X. But where?

It's probably OpenCL related. Mountain Lion had (has?) the same bug here if I use a OpenCL benchmark like Luxmark or Oceanwave. The card clocks up but doesn't clock back down. I thought PM was totally broken at first. Then I tried CUDA and OpenGL benchmarks and in both cases the card clocked back down afterwards.


My theory is Mavericks uses more OpenCL at the system level and this is what's causing the cards to get stuck. For me, my 670 is running at full speed right when I boot to desktop.

Funny thing... I mentionned earlier I had no issue... so I just switched from a GTX 650 TI Boost to a GTX 760, and now I do have the same issue... I don't really know what to make of it...


EDIT : Weird, I went to take a look at my Info.plist in my AGPM and it's simply not there.. tried with chflags nohidden ./Info.plist and terminal said that they were no such files... I tried rolling back a kext which had info.plist but I got KP... Is it even suppose to work without info.plist ? Managed to roll back the kext that doesn't have the file and now my GPU core throttles down like normal. Really weird

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Maybe, but it looks like this is tied to FakeSMC and the GPUSensor plugin somehow as well.


I grabbed the latest version yesterday and my GPU idle temp is back to normal (around 36 degrees), I tried running VLC and a couple of games and the GPU (vanilla EVGA GTX 660) throttles down properly afterwards.


I didn't try any of the Unigine benchmarks, I will next time. Not using my Hack at the moment, I have no sound...until Focusrite gets their act together.


Using iMac13,1. I've never touched AGPM.kext.

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