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    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    I enabled in UEFI HD4000 card as primary, but connected monitor to GTX650Ti. Now I have hardware accelerated video playback in MacOS and QuickSync in Windows. But nVidia GPU still idles at full frequency, which did not happen in ML.
  2. I founded very interesting thing. Looks like availability of VDA on Hackintoshes depends on SSDT name. On Intel HD4000 and GT210 (two different machines Ivy and Sandy) i got error -12473 when I had iMac12,1 name. Changed name to MacBookPro8,1 on Sandy and MacBookPro9,2 on Ivy and VDA is fully available! Try to play with SSDT names, it helped for me.
  3. I got very strange ALX Ethernet crashes on 10.8.2 and H77-D3H. For example, I can download and seed torrents all day and night at 100 Mbps without any crashes. But when I play World of Tanks with Skype and media server running at the same time I got kernel panic. Once I got 3 crashes in 5 minutes at same circumstances, just started Skype, media server and WoT. Maybe driver cannot handle several opened ports and simultaneous connections. Then I downloaded at googlecode alx sources, upgraded the project from SDK 10.7 to 10.8, validated project to recommended settings and compiled only x86_64 version (ML don't need x86 code). Got kext twice smaller than the original one. Today it will be 10 days after install of recompiled kext and no kernel panics happened. Will test harder to see if kernel panic will happen in future.