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Show your computer running OS X

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I wish I had a camera...Mine would kick @$$!


My entire setup color scheme matches...it's great, the actual setup is silver and black...

Also, my CPU (AMD Athlon 64 3000+) is overclocked 0.5ghz stabily(not to mention cool too)!

My entire setup w/ surround sound, 19" LCD, PCIe Graphics, AIO HP Printer/Scanner (which also matches color scheme) all under $1,100!


Boots linux, osx, and windows...not to mention I have been considering adding my beta copy of vista in!


Also, in windows...my Bootscreen and Login Screen have been replaced with my own custom designs AND I removed the taskbar and added a dock, which I made my own start-up script so the dock runs faster and all windows will not maximize over the dock!

-Not to mention, I tweaked windows alot! *The entire windows kernel is stored in ram at all times to increase speed of apps, I even checked if it slows down anything like games...no noticeable difference, just apps run and load faster!


And....when my system outdates, I can just upgrade to a Dual-core AMD when they become more standard than high-end.


*I know, I like to brag*

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W00t, here's mine.

19" Dell LCD, 3 GHz 512mb RAM, sound workingg, (AC97), nVidia FX5200xt 128mb, 1280x1024res., video card, yes my stereo system, (350 watts), are my speakers for my PC. 160gb Hard Drive.


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My VooDoo M:360 (Compal CL56) booting into OS X 10.4.1




I don't have any stills sorry.. I didn't get to leave it on I had to sell the notebook to my sister so I could afford a powerbook.


Specs of old notebook for those interested in that stuff

1.7ghz Centrino

1.5gb DDR333

60gb 7200rpm

ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility

Intel 855 Chipset

Intel 802.11 a/b/g wifi (2915 model)

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