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  1. Make Your iPad Look Like an iMac

    cool ..but $49, I mean, $49 big bucks!
  2. watch out for people paying for merchandise in "mysterious" ways... Do not send anything until you have the money in your bank's account verified.
  3. Fring for iPhone works great.

    @macgirl, thanks for the info on the current 3G unlocking development. By the way, I tried in JPN to use my prepaid sim in the iphone, and it didnt work. From your post in another thread you say you did it succesfully in Mex with telcel, right? If you have sometime later, I would like to ask you some about iphone in Mex as the prices are overpriced. @Voltic, thanks for the info. thus, with out jailbreaking it there is no skype working fring right?
  4. Fring for iPhone works great.

    @MacGirl, my friend in JPN just got her iphone recently (softbank co. 3G), besides using fring, it will be interesting to know if unlocking is possible so that she can choose a different plan maybe at a company other than softbank. If unlocked, are there features lost? Gracias por tu tiempo amiga, cuidate y sigue con los buenos posts ~~~ヾ(^∇^) ♪
  5. Apple Pirate Logo

    I didnt like it... however it is really well done in terms of skills and quality. Perhaps, your icon gave me an idea, why not making the skull have a "bite" like apple logo does. something like this, maybe you can do it better, go for it original skull by Vector skull by ~cebox @ deviantart site nice to see your work.
  6. Great thing, thank you for posting it
  7. [Release] Intel Icons

    Thank you for the interest pals. DMCA violation? sure, use them only for personal customization (not for sale) There you go, http://www.badongo.com/file/1709188 updating 1st post
  8. http://www.applefritter.com/node/2241 If it was here before, just take down the thread. Enjoy
  9. Apple Introduces Intel Mac Mini

    Why is the mini great? you just say and assume everyone understands why is great. GMA950 is better to you, but you do not say why... It seems like you just come out of the blue with random opinions that make no sense. If you buy three mac minis (assuming you meant the mini, you actually spoke lastly about the GMA950) are you planning on to use a computer on your car? what is it for? If it's to play music why not just purchasing a music device which is much cheaper and lets you drive properly? Please write properly; i.e. giving proofs for your claims.
  10. Apple Introduces Intel Mac Mini

    It stills a joke to me all apple products... unless you have lots of money and are used to dispose electronics every now and then. Id rather get computer parts and update regularly in case it is requiere for me to update and not just because something new exists. Thanks for the information though,
  11. Install OSx86 on your iPod

    Do you mind in telling me the advantages of it please? please use non technical language becasue that is what I did not get.
  12. [ES] Guía Para Instalar Mac OS 10.4.4

    Muchas gracias, aun no tengo 10.4.4 pero me va a servir muy bien cuando logre conseguirlo. Gracias por su valioso tiempo.
  13. Shapesifter new version 2.3

    Is the new version of shapeshifter working for any one here with non apple hardware? I am still 10.4.1 The company is called unsanity, the application is shapeshifter 2.3 Thank you.
  14. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    "She" got it from the icons I did from scratch at http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=6629 "Custom. Benefits of being a graphic designer. I can send you the PSD if you want.." I can tell right away that you are a terible designer , even if I did not know you took my work. Please send me the PSD, that way we can all see the fireworks png embedded I did. Way to go, Ms. Designer. Note for Mods I contacted Kevlar twice, but she denied using my work with out crediting me. It is explicitly said in the thread where I released the icons to post any modification in the same thread. Also whoever gets a download of those icons should comment on them as a payment. She did not do any of them.