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  1. Heya everybody I've just installed Leo using the iATKOS 1.0iR2 release and everything worked quite fine. Had to activate the partition afterwards but that's okay. Anyway my question goes to you all regarding whatever it's a known issue that hardware stops being found ( not just working ) after ie. a reboot. After I installed Leo, the sound were working excellent but after a reboot the entire sound "device" were missing. After a bit of trying, I discovered that if I booted the machine, from a total shutdown, with the -f parameter at the bootloader ( force updating of kext cache ), the system would once again have sound - every reboot after that, with and without the parameter would result in the same issue with no device being found. Is there a report about this ? Maybe a workaround, fix or any kind of solution ? Specs: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo at 1.8 Ghz RAM: 2 GB DDR2 Ram GFX: 128MB ATI Radeon X1400 - Not working but ATIRadeonX1000.kext can be modified to use this and thereby have QE working - and apple.com.Boot.plist sets a 1400x1450x32 solutions just fine. Mouse tearing however, but workaround with MouseLocator takes care of this for now. Audio Out: Soundcard is listed as "HD Audio Out" and System Profiler says: "Intel High Definition Audio". Device ID is: "0x17AA2010". See problems above, otherwise working. Audio In: Not working at all. BT: Broadcom Bluetooth which seems to work OOB. WiFi: Intel WiFi which is working OOB. CD/DVD: DVD Device ( HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4083N ) which works fine at least for reading - I still need to test burning with it. On a side-note... is there any news regarding a driver for the X1400 MOBILITY ? -Daxziz
  2. HELP Please

    That's no good. Don't you have the 10.4.1 Install DVD ? You can simply throw that into your computer and boot with it. It'll enable you to boot into your OS X install. OR you can start the DVD itself and use the OS X Installer to reinstall OS X on top of your current OS X which then should install the Darwins Bootloader and add an entry for OS X and Windows in it. -Daxziz
  3. HELP Please

    Have you tried installing OS X again and used its bootloader to kick you into Windows ? -Daxziz
  4. The USB wireless dongle I already know about and I expect to do so. The other hack I'll have to search for :-) -Daxziz
  5. cool background

    Me too. Nice editing there -Daxziz
  6. The Fujitsu Siemens E Series Lifebook 8020 with the Intel graficcard ( build-in ) is very compatible with OS X, but not Out Of The Box. First the hardware info: CPU: Intel Centrino 1.73 ( NO SSE3 ) RAM: 512 MB DDR RAM. HD: 60 GB SATA Harddisk ( Fujitsu MHT2060BH ) BT: Alps Bluetooth IR: SMC IrCC USB: USB ( 4x ) FW: FireWire NIC: Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection NIC: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet DVD: Mat{censored}a UJ-831Db SND: Not sure - info is odd. Will google it. GFX: Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family ( listed twice ) So what works: CPU: Intel Centrino 1.73 ( YES: With the SSE2Hack of course ) RAM: 512 MB DDR RAM ( YES ) HD: 60 GB SATA Harddisk ( Fujitsu MHT2060BH ) ( YES: Tweaking in BIOS.. instructions below ) BT: Alps Bluetooth ( YES ) IR: SMC IrCC - Not Sure.. Not tested USB: USB ( 4x ) ( YES ) FW: FireWire ( YES ) NIC: Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection ( NO ) NIC: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet ( NO ) DVD: Mat{censored}a UJ-831Db ( YES: Burning is listed as unsupported ) SND: Not sure - info is odd. Will google it. ( YES: No info in System Profiler though ) GFX: Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family ( listed twice ) ( VESA3 only ) As you can see you get a good amount of stuff going, but no ethernet, so this is of course a problem. I haven't been lucky with any of the network kexts from this board, so I doubt it's near any support at the moment. Best bet from me is of course that you buy an OS X compatible adaptor for USB. PCMCIA you can try but I haven't been lucky with any of my current PCMCIA cards in it sooo it's a bit unsure if it will work with any at all. The most important step in getting OS X to run on this computer is to disbale AHCI under the SATA settings in BIOS. Otherwise OS X can't find the HD. Just a small warning though... It might have been this which killed my XP install on the drive ( BSOD during bootup in Windows ) so be sure to backup your data before going into BIOS and disabling this. If you can simply turn it back when wanting to boot Windows is probably an option, but as I haven't tested I can't really tell. I hope this report will be of help to others :-) Cheers -Daxziz
  7. 10.4.2 Hack

    I voted yes, because I think it's only fair that Apple gets a chance to tighten their security. Something for something. Many, not all, is using an illegal developer copy and my bet is that even many of the leet people here is doing so. Hence something for something. -Daxziz
  8. Old Mac Os For Intel

    Umm you require 2 install floppies and the reason why you can't mount the CD is because the filesystem is unique. Com'on terry - be nice Yet you do have a grain of truth in your answer. If you don't google around and sometime I mean for hours, you will never be able to get something good out of Rhapsody, unless you keep bugging one of the last few communities which are left regarding the NeXT world. StarTrek is not to be found on any media except an old HD in a 486 computer found in one of the original developers home Thereby.. no... we'll never see it unless this guy gets insane and suddenly puts a ghost image or something up on the net... which is ummm highly unlikely. Sorry for replying to an old post, but I just thought I wanted to chip in with whatever small knowledge I had -Daxziz
  9. @Technobob - what are the applications you have in your dock ? I don't reconize all of them. @alexprice. Nice case -Daxziz
  10. Old Mac Os For Intel

    You won't find the big amount of help in Rhapsody. OS X has changed so much over the last years. Rhapsody is between OpenStep 4.2 and OS X Server 1.0. The look is like OS 9 but with some differences here and there. It's basicly OpenStep with some GUI changes and updated Frameworks. The system works on x86 ( yes AMD too ) hardware and really runs great but something or someone has crippled the system to use no more than 192 MB RAM, and of course are the drivers only suitable for some of the most common / populair hardware found around 96/97. Feel free to ask any questions about the system. Chances are that I can reply to most of them. -Daxziz
  11. How to run "script" command to update to darwin 8.

    Did you get any errors during the script ? I personally got 1 where it told me it wasn't able to compile the new mach kernel. That would have lead to the system not booting up because it renames the old mach_kernel to mach_kernel.old and if it doesn't transfer the new compiled kernel to / the system won't boot anymore. Try reinstall Darwin 8.0.1 and execute the script afterwards... notice any errors and mke sure that your kernel is in place after. You can always check the system version by typing uname -r. The script is not failproof but it works great if everything is in order. -Daxziz
  12. this is as far as i can get

    I'm curious... anything special or different in a verbose mode ? -Daxziz
  13. Virtual PC

    Yeah I remember. It probably never left the drawing board if you ask me. I've been around much of the NeXT / Rhapsody world and Red Box has never been more than a few words on a page. I really think Apple should offer something for WINE and get'em to support OS X more. Anyway.. I believe that WINE will be "Red Box" so to say -Daxziz
  14. Virtual PC

    Personally I believe that WINE will become much more polulair now. There's no reason to emulate anything at all when we can just interpret the calls like possible on Linux x86. No Windows stuff and great speeds -Daxziz