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Show your computer running OS X

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  • 3 months later...

Here's a snapshot of my desktop ...


Actual photos of the hardware will be posted soon & yes incase you were wondering- That's 4Ghz babyyyyyy Single Core with an xbench score averaging 125!!!! Best part- all this is happening on a 915 Intel board :o


I'd love to benchmark and compare a G5 (top of the line model) with this mean extreme machine aka MacTel- The Silent One...



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How did you manage to do that? :blink:


The overclocking part was easy [CPU, FSB & MEM]


I literally spent 2 days tweaking the OSX installation & Bios until I couldn't get anymore juice out of this baby.


This thing is so fast that it boots up with autologin to the desktop in 7 secs FLAT...


It's been up now for 6 days and not a single hickup... I love this baby!!! Hang on- smells like something's burnin :D

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Just for s**ts and giggles, here's my setup.







Yeah, I know it looks like the center speaker is blocking the screen... When you're in my chair, the screen is unobstructed.




Well, there you have it. Now, I could get off my lazy butt and figure out how to get the audio pins mapped correctly in the appropriate sound kext, I'll be in heaven. :angel:

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I haven't had OSX installed for a while, but I did have it on my system earlier this year. So right now this is the only proof I have.


I'll have more shots once I get it installed and working. The first time I installed it, I always had to boot from the DVD. *shrugs*


Anyways, here's the image:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's my Art Studio Mac:





It's aged a bit, but it's still my powerhouse:

- Dual 1.25GHz PPC G4 processors

- 2GB of DDR 2700 RAM (four 512MB chips)

- 880MB Total Internal Hard Drive Capacity (two 120GB Drives and two 320GB drives in RAID mirror.)

- 80GB External Firewire Drive (original internal drive)

- Dual Optical Drives (8x Apple Superdrive and stock Combo Drive)

- Twin 17" Apple Studio Display monitors (One purchased with it, one a refurb added later)

- 6x11" Intuos3 Wacom Drawing Tablet

- Customized keyboard tray for use with Wacom tablet and Keyboard

- Apple Mighty Mouse

- Pantone-branded Eye-One color calibrator

- Belkin Bluetooth adapter

- HP ScanJet 5470c Flatbed Scanner

I'm actually looking to replace the tower with whatever Mac Pro they release later this year, maybe even after the first of the year. This machine may not be as fast as some, but it's still very powerful. I'd like a machine that just flies in GarageBand though... and this one just chokes over 8 tracks.



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