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  1. Here's more info on the problems I'm having: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=3631 Pretty much here's my setup: 1GB DDR400 939pin Athlon 64 3000+ (OC'ed .5ghz, very cool and stable) Chaintech nForce4 Motherboard Integrated nForce Gigabit LAN Integrated nVidia 7.1 Sound (Realtek AC'97) SATA (Old IDE HD used instead for OS X) Toshiba Dual-Layer DVD+RW PCIe Chaintech NIVIDIA GeForce 6200 PS2 Wireless Keyboard & Optical Mouse and some cheap wireless card (Forgot the actual model, but the generic Realtek RTL8180 WLAN drivers work) It runs real smooth and fast, even considering the HD is 3GB from 96'!!! Anyways, there is no sound, burn support, lan, wlan, and 1024x768 is the only shown resolution. So it works...its just pretty much useless right now. Just thought I'd let you guys know. *I'll keep you guys updated on my progress w/ compatability w/ the VNF4! -----Update----- Sounds works (only stereo, no surround) after editing the device ID in AppleAC97AudioIntelICH.kext of AppleAC97Audio.kext
  2. I figured some people here may be of interest. I finnaly decided to get this project together, it's one I thought of a long time back. My feat is to make a program that will take VB6.0 source code files and convert them into HTML. It sounds crazy, but I think I can pull it off...so far, I'm about halway making a suitable window frame in JavaScript, it works in FF and IE and functions like a normal window...it's just, well, fake...only an image. As you can tell I am in the early stage of this, actually getting the framework made...but I expect to be quit far pretty soon! Have you seen flyakiteosx.com? Well, this takes that to the next level. Raises the bar on how functional the windows are, and actually makes apps portable to a web interface. So here's my current to-do list: - change the variables into arrays to allow a multiple window environment - rename and edit the focus, click, and exit functions to resemble VB6.0 framework - put the window settings into editable variables - add icon support - add title support - make an app that converts VB syntax into a JS syntax
  3. I just pulled this up, it seems there is speculation about an old (rumored, as far as I know) project called Red Box, the attempt to run Windows Apps on Macs! Now it seems some speculate it may be back in action as Apple is going Intel! http://newsvac.newsforge.com/newsvac/05/06/27/0045244.shtml Whether or not it's true, I'd like to know about the Red Box project and whether it's real or not!
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    USB devices not working

    My printer does kinda the same... It detects the model and everything, but the driver install says the printer is not found!? I actually have an OS X driver disk for it!?
  5. Sentertainment

    Do I Have What It Takes?

    I'm pretty sure your version is unpatched... It wont run until you get it patched up. Also, it WILL NOT run on the Computer I, the processor does not support SSE2, and OSx86 needs at least SSE2, preferably SSE3. But glad to be of some help!
  6. Huh, I'm a bit interested in Darwine... I tried Wine, once got it to Install an app, but it never ran. Since then I tried again, and couldn't even get Wine set up. Is Darwine just as hard to set up? Also, Wine is not an emulator, it's a re-build on the windows library for linux...is Darwin a rebuild for Darwin?
  7. Sentertainment

    converting DMG o IMG?

    DMG is pretty much an Apple format CD ISO. I think MagicISO along with many other apps will convert it, even nero might! Also, I'm pretty sure trying to dd a Disk Image wont work... If I'm wrong and it's really a disk image, well...I have no idea. *Just trying to be of help!
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    windows or is it mac :O

    We talk a bit more about specifics... Most of stardocks apps are slow....it would be nice if you rather posted a review about it.
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    I'm not entirely sure of the whole situation, but many say it is pretty much so much as a "ping" they are seeing and that MS is just checking how many/who has it. Who knows, but with all they are doing with security, I wouldn't be surprised, I mean even with XP they can tell if you have a legit copy pretty much. I'm highly considering trying it, I just want to look into the whole nthing more thorough. There's an idea right there, find all the security MS is adding into Vista and list it here, that would be nice to let people know what's up!
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    Woah, I take that as an insult! Anyways, Voodoo was the best producer of it's time (and their cards still actually compete with some of todays!) so, did the Voodoo 4 (or even 5, not sure if they released a 5th) support this? I mean that card was pretty crazy, but to have one working alongside integrated graphics would be insane. Could someone clear this up? *I've become hooked on this, lol...I want to learn a bit about it!
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    Wow, I cannot believe how much you chopped up what I said... I SAID COPY PROTECTION!!! This is like licenses for MP3s videos, etc. Like I said, MS is even traching each beta...if you're connected to the net when you use the beta, MS knows you have it! You know how WMP has incorporated alot of video protection that can only be cracked if you have a license...they still haven't cracked that, thats an example of what Vista will be doing.
  12. lol...I bet alot of this was thought of from the iPod series being released!
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    This is an ineresting thread...but as many don't know, Vista is going crazy with right protection! Pretty much, MS is making it nearly impossible to download MP3s unless you have a license, along with tons of other stuff. I'm actually almost afraid to try Vista, many have noticed a tiny bit of bandwidth going through and it has been said that MS is tracking who has a copy of Vista running! Just search it, you will find long topics and reviews about this. Windows XP had alot of copy protected, Vista takes this to the max!
  14. Sentertainment

    Flyakite OSX

    Oh, I have something to add... I'm making MY OWN windows environment for the web, but there is a huge difference, I am making mine for web development! My overall goal is to make a VB6.0 compiler...that well, takes basic VB6.0 apps and turns them into, well HTML! If anyone is interested in this and would like to help out and test, just send me a PM! Many doubt that I will get anywhere with this, and my response to that is simple... I've actually the "window" part complete, you define and put a window in the page with 2 lines of JS, and to add to that, these windows can be controlled real-time with JS commands! So far the windows support: -Full resizing (still miss minimize and maximise buttons though, these will be added much later) -Full positioning -z-order -closing -fadeout when not focused, just like XP (it works perfect) -Titles -Icons (optional) -user-defiened content -image prre-loading -Firefox and IE! not to mention, each and every view is pixel perfect... Things to fix/add: -Close button does not fade when out of focus (don't NEED this, just want to make it pixel perfect) -Minimize and maximize button support -Make close,maximize, and minimize buttons optional (VB6.0 has this option for making windows) -add "always on top" setting -add focus top window (don't know why this would be needed, windows doesn't even have this as far as I know...but it would be nice) As you can see, I am taking this serious...and I happen to have ALOT of web programming experience. In other words, my script is already amazing, I've already shown a few of my friends and they could hardly believe their eyes!
  15. Sentertainment

    Radeon X600

    not sure about sata on that chipset...check the wiki. as for the card, it may have to do with the vendor id and such...I'm not sure, but I bet OS X stored your old cards location and now it's not there, so it can't detect a video card. One way would be to find the default video driver in OS X (I think many live linux dstros can open AF parttions, try MEPIS linux) and open it and check the Device id! Or you could just reinstall it!
  16. hmm, did you make any changes, ex sata or such...sata acts real wierd if I also use ide on my system!
  17. Sentertainment

    Sysem time always be reset

    The BIOS does a general time set...it may have to do with time storage settings each each...look up GMT and see read up about it!
  18. Sentertainment

    Venice core

    Dude, it is worth it! Just the 90nm instead of 0.3micron core is so much better for overclocking... Here's an explanation, 90nm is the smallest wiring they have for AMD64s, smaller wiring means less heat and less heat means more overclcoking! I'm running a AMD 64 3000+ OC'ed 0.5ghz! *not to mention, in my system it runs about 29-32deg! A few things to know is I replaced the thermal grease with another and my case is a thermaltake tsunami dream. But trust me on this, the venice core is better than clawhammer for overclocking and cooling! As for the nforce4 mobo, OSx86 has NO sata support with it...at all! Also, I'd wait to get that 7800, i hear they run real hot...I'm not sure but a 6800 may OC as well enough almost the speed of a 7800, search google and check it out...I mean thats alot of money you can save!
  19. Sentertainment

    Windows Boot Screens!!! (Replacements)

    Here ya go, some nice boot screens! Get em here while their hot! (the zip contains all three) *You will need BootSkin by Stardock (a free app) in order to install these! mactelboot.zip
  20. Yeah, I've finally got to working on some ideas I've had for boot screens, well... Most of the happen to be complete, I just need to package them to make it easier to install. Preferably, I will be packaginf them in BootSkin format, for those that don't know, BootSkin is a free app for Stardock that lets you replace the windows boot screen with ease. As you can see, I have attached a preview for the skins I already completed... They may not look super fancy, what I mean by that is it is very tough to make a nice looking bootskin. EACH IMAGE CONTAINS 16 COLORS OR LESS, so yeah, it's tough to make them look that nice. You may be thinking, their not packaged for download yet, why make the topic? Well, I made this topic to accept requests! While I'm working on these, people can post ideas and such for more screens!
  21. Sentertainment

    Triple boot

    WOW, too many questions asked... Ok, I'm just not going to read all (sorry guys) I've been working with triple boot and linux alot, so I can probably answer all questions! Now for overwriting the darwin bootloader, thats because you installed grub to that partition. For those can't get the XP partition to boot or are having trouble with grub, MEPIS linux give you the option of installing grub with a GUI (make sure you select to install grub and not the system) So, for those that need help adding XP and linux in, use grub. For those that still need help, or need to add OS X into grub, just send me a PM and I'll post the answer with your question qouted in this topic. Sorry for postinng such a *sh!tty* answer, but there are too many people that need help to answer all in one post. Also, might I suggest the new version of kUbuntu, it's the same system as Ubuntu, but it has KDE instead of Gnome as a GUI. *I hate gnome, it's so...well dull and can barely be customized compared to kde. One more thing to add, I prefer GRUB much more than LILO, it's a lot easier to set up! Here's an example of how to boot a partition partitions (this not not include linux, leave that alone, it should already be set up): title "Windows XP" root(0,3) makeactive chainloader +1 // This example boots titles this "Windows XP" and boots the third partition on hard drive 1. As for the guy telling him not to use Ubuntu...Dude, have you used Ubuntu? (better yet, kUbuntu) Ubuntu is the most active distro on distrowatch, in other words...it seems many more people are checking out/using Ubuntu versus any of those distros you listed! Also, for those interested, I plan on making some GRUB bootloader skins just for OSx86 and triple/dual boot! I have time to answer one question...yours is fairly easy. I don't have a direct solution for you, but I do have an answer... Depeding on how you install OSx86, if you use deadmoos image, it only installs it to a partition. If you install it from the Generic disk, I'm pretty such it adds the bootloader to the disks boot sector, not just the partition. I know that when you install linux, it is installing it to the disks boot sector, for this...sometimes the setup will ask you if you want to add grub to hda or if you want to add it to the partition, just add it to the partition and not the hda boot sector. I know MEPIS gives you that option, I don't think Ubuntu gives you an option, and YoperOS gives you that option. Pretty much, it's easiest to just use Grun and add OS X to grub like I said before. Now, if you give me more information to how you installed linux and OSx86, I can help you out more!
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    *bump I still need help, it takes me almost an hour+ to make each element of a form! (I'm making custom button elements & such that mimic what one would see in a VB6.0 app in XP) So far, I've gotten the window object 100% complete, I just need to finish adding the rest of the window commands, and I have a basic VB6.0 form button made (entirely in html), just need to add functionality Zeph: I'm actually at the point where if I made small, limited conversion app, I could actually have it compile a "hello world" example! Let's see where I am in another week!
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    You can link Voodoo cards? Is this a feature specific to voodoo? *I've never heard of this.
  24. Sentertainment

    how did i get a "microsoft bob" by my nane?

    I know...I should make my own Microsoft Bob! I could make my own Assistant then use VB to animate it as a program...so you could use him in office and on your desktop. Anyonw want part in this, this could be pretty funny!
  25. Sentertainment

    Mac OS for PSP

    Yeah, I guess I missed readingg your post... Hmm, so you've seen it running that way? It must be close to 10x faster, cuz that removes so much emulation!