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  1. What did Steve say to you? Is it a good story?
  2. [Discussion] Fit a PC in a G5 PowerMac Enclosure!

    Mr. Peck, You can mod a G5 case like a pro, but you can't make/find a decent desktop background. For shame. -sj
  3. Are you daft? Apple is not about what you want. Apple wants you to want what they want.
  4. Exact clone of Macbook Pro

    Quanta makes iBooks.
  5. First Look Inside A New iMac

    That iMac G5 is the first generation iMac G5, the latest iSight models look almost exactly like the Intel ones inside and out. The reason why the G5 looks so tidy is that it was made to be user serviceable (it has diagnostic lights, hard drive, ram all right there) and the new iMacs are meant to be RAM upgradable but not necessarily open-able. And yes, Asus does manufacture the new MacBook Pro. I know this for a fact.
  6. Show your computer running OS X

    Thanks for the evidence, guys.
  7. iTunes 5 for PSP?

    Let me tell you, these are totally fake. Sony's PSP is a POS, with the most ugly industrial design I've seen since... well since their Vaios.
  8. Apple's Jobs Warns On 'Greedy' Music Pricing

    Don't trust the Russians. Allofmp3.com is illegal. Bad karma is all you'll get from them.
  9. Buy OSx86 Retail... in Bangkok

    They're going to burn in hell for this one.
  10. Would you buy a Apple Mactel?

    I'll be looking into the PowerBooks... they'll be sweet looking and fast as sin. I'll bet on the PowerBooks getting the first round of Intel Processors. PowerBooks have everything going for them except the fact that they run very hot and aren't fast enough to do high high end HD motion graphics and editing. The gap between the iBooks and the PowerBooks is getting smaller because Apple is always trying to upgrade both models, even though they're running out of things to bump up. Shortly after the PowerBooks are Inteled, the Power Macs get Inteled, with dual dualcore processors making them truly powerful, because a year from now, an Intel PB could possibly whip a G5's bum. This keeps the Power Macs from looking weak. Next, iMac gets Inteled, then the iBooks. Because the iBooks are the low end, there should be a delineation between them and the PBs. This changes because the consumer Macs should be in the same bracket. Mac mini comes last, because anyone who buys a low low end system needs to get nothing more than that. By next year, the minis should be still PPC G4s around 1.5 GHz, enough for mom and dad to send email, do digi photos... whatever. eMac is offered once again to only educational outlets... Prices... 12'' 2.0 GHz Intel PowerBook- Starting at $1399 15'' 2.3 GHz Intel PowerBook- Starting at $1799 17'' 2.7 GHz Intel PowerBook- Starting at $2299 SuperDrives standard, 1 GB RAM standard at least 80 gig HD. 3.7 GHz Intel DC DP Power Mac- Starting at $1799 4.0 GHz Intel DC DP Power Mac- Starting at $2299 2 GB RAM standard, SuperDrive, 350 GB Perpendicular HD. 17'' 2.5 GHz DC i(ntel)Mac- Starting at $1199 20'' 3.0 GHz DC i(ntel)Mac- Starting at $1399 12'' 1.5 GHz Intel iBook- $849 (Combo drive) 14'' 1.7 GHz Intel iBook- $1099 (SuperDrive) 1.6 GHz Intel Mac mini- $349 (Combo drive) 1.8 GHz Intel Mac mini- $499 (Superdrive)
  11. i figured you guys might enjoy this...;-)

    Wow... that looks almost like a real Power Mac. When I think of unholy marriages, I'll picture this thread. You should have gotten a G4 or a G3 case and modded that instead.
  12. Longhorn/Vista? XP Warmed Over?

    Eh... totally nonplussed by just about anything Windurrs since I became a Mac user. Vista is a step in the right direction which strangely seems to always be in the same direction Apple is standing at the moment. Huh. Every release of Mac OS X gets better, snappier (teh snappy!), more features, refinement of interface... Exposé alone is a way badass example of the incremental improvements. Faster boot times, faster shutdown times. Where else can OS X be improved with Leopard? I can't think of anything I'd change because Le Tigre works so damned well already. And it's only been out for 4 months! I hope all you kiddies are having fun with Tiger on your Intel hardware and seeing what the most advanced OS is up to, and seeing where MS has to play catch up. Microsoft is in a hard place right now, and I believe their marketshare will go one way from here: down.
  13. Working DVD Player

    I'm sure VLC would suffice. VLC plays everything including the kitchen sink.
  14. How do you say the "X" in OS X?

    Yes. Take it from me, it's "Mac OS Ten"
  15. What apple should do

    Well, you are correct to some extent, but the companies porting the games do a very crummy job. The ports rarely take advantage of hardware features such as dual processors and rarely use Altivec. If you were to compare a game with its PPC counterpart, the PPC version would require higher system specs in order to reach the native speed. Doom III for example, will only run on a G5 computer.