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  1. I installed OS X 10.5.2 using the vanilla kernel, it seems the machine is unusably slow and some things aren't working for me yet. I am only able to boot up with the flags -x -v, if I try and boot normally it just loops. No networking and Quartz Extreme support so far, no idea on what I can do to speed it up either. Hardware is Core Duo 2.16ghz Nvidia 7900GS 2gb Ram Anyone out there have any idea on what I could do to fix the issues?
  2. Core 2 Duo GAMING PC 4 Sale with 8800 FX

    Why are you selling it? Is anything wrong with it? Who installed the water cooling kit and what exactly does it cool? Where did you buy the parts? Are they mostly OEM or Retail? Where is the computer located? What kind of warranty would be provided by you if it wasn't working? Do you have licensed software for it? XP, Office, Antivirus Etc.. Give us a feeler of what you are looking to get for it all together.
  3. I'm old... but been in and out of different scenes since I was 11 years old and we got broadband... I am just shy of turning 22 in early September.
  4. I am sorry to say that I have been wrong about the functionality of COTVNC and I spent the last couple days discussing just how wrong with speger the developer. To read our conversation please visit the official forums. http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thr...forum_id=217619
  5. I want to stress that this post is because Chicken of the VNC official binaries are flawed in my opinion, I am not associated with the project nor is the person who coded this build. This was compiled as a Universal Binary of the software but it hasn't been tested on any PPC Mac's as of yet. I do have a PPC build from when I had a powerbook but this one was compiled on my Macbook Pro c2d. Since there is no official universal binary (although you can just re-compile that last build from them) I thought this might be helpful to share here. What is this? This is a modified build of Chicken of the VNC that doesn't set the default value at 5900 for the port while displaying 0. Instead the code was rewritten to allow you to type in any port and it will honor the actual number you give it. So if you want to connect to a server at 17000 then you just type 17000 into the port box now. Also the 0 does still play nicely as port 5900 because that was an easier fix for him than trying to force the program to make new connections display 5900 instead of 0. Why bother doing this? The developers of Chicken of the VNC decided to let you add or subtract from 0 to get the port you want. So if you setup a VNC client on port 17000 you would have to subtract 5900 from 17000 and use 11100 in the place of the standard 0. I remotely use computers all the time through VNC and after complaining about this to my good friend Dave Stricker he took an hour or two of his time to fix the problem for me. Official Project http://sourceforge.net/projects/cotvnc/ Download Links I am hosting the downloads and since you have no reason to trust me I am also including the source code in a separate download. Chicken of the VNC Modified Application Chicken of the VNC Modified source code with builds intact
  6. Is the Intel DG965MQ a good motherboard for an OSx86 installation? If not what is a good Core 2 Duo board that has full to mostly full support for OSx86?
  7. Just another Leopard (leaked)

    What is the likelyhood of a more public release (i.e. piratebay) of this build? I am still running the WWDC build on my powerbook and wouldn't mind having a working clock (assuming thats fixed in these) again.
  8. Has anyone had any luck making a .pkg installer for Wine on intel macs?
  9. I have a Mac Pro is there any way this will work on my Mac to let me use a better gfx card than the 7300 that came with it? If so what is the likely hood that Apple will break this with an update and me spending money on a diff gfx card would be a waste?
  10. Software Piracy

    Software Piracy actually helps Adobe and Microsoft maintain a strong user base by allowing young people to educate themselves and become users for life, at one time or another its likely they will recommend that those products be purchased or be the purchaser themselves.
  11. Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    Its sad to hear that performance has taken a turn for the worse, I guess its a good thing that this isn't be shared more publicly or I might have put it on my powerbook and been very upset with it.
  12. Windows 98 on Dell Inspiron 1150?

    Windows 98 is not supported by Microsoft any more. It is not advisable to use it under any condition, for most tasks you can simply install Wine in Linux and go from there. If for some reason you are going to NEED Windows 98 for something specific you can save yourself a headache by buying VMware for Linux and installing 98 inside of that.
  13. The Ultimate Web Browser

    I use Camino mostly because it has most of the Mozilla features I like plus it uses the Gecko renderer. Firefox is a bloated P.O.S. on my G4, even the optimized builds can't help it.
  14. 10.4.8 Seeded to Developers

    But, But,... My laptop is running the Leopard beta... :-( No OS 10.5 Beta 2 news yet?
  15. I need to buy a Photo Printer for my friends Macbook Pro that will be hooked to a Windows XP computer and printed to through the network. I could go with a network jack equipped model but those seem pretty pricey. Can someone recommend something that "JUST WORKS" because I don't want to buy a printer that doesn't have network support with Mac. She currently has an HP all in one that works fine for Windows but its driver doesn't support network printing from the Mac.