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  1. Follow Tonymacx86 guide worked great for me with EVGA GTX460 1gb card, havent tried any games but duel display is working great.
  2. zfire89

    Kernel Panic on Boot

    I've tried installing the Uphuck 10.4.9 1.4I DVD a few times, and as of yet everytime after I install. It kernel panics after I reboot from the installer. I've run verbose mode and it gets to loginwindow, and doesn't throw any errors but just says "You need to restart..." System Stats: Asus P4P800 SE Mobo Intel P4 3.2E Prescott 768meg Samsung DDR400 XFX Nvidia 7300GTX WD 80g HD No clue whats going on, I've tried installing with different Video drivers as well. My friend has setup OSX86 before with the same(basically) setup. Any help would be appreciated
  3. does anyone have any idea why a agp geforce3 ti200 card will not boot after installation into 10.4.7? It worked fine with 10.4.3.
  4. not without doing some wire modding but what ones im not sure
  5. zfire89

    Jesus Christ Super Cop

    Check this out http://www.channel102.net/show.php?show=12 , I hope more episodes will come.
  6. Is there a way to upgrade from panther to tiger from within mac os x with out having to boot from a cd.
  7. I am working on my friends b &w g3, he bought from a friend who had it overclocked by the jumpers, and I would like to know were i can find a picture of were the jumpers go for a 300mhz g3. Its oc'd to 400mhz and is really unstable and is getting kernel panics
  8. zfire89

    Good Socket 478 board

    Thats the one I had and it died and Im not sure if I really liked it
  9. My old mobo died and I would like to know what people would recommend for a new socket 478 mobo with no onboard graphics, good overclocking utilitys, and micro-atx form factor. And has to be fully compatible with 10.4.5
  10. Did u use disk utility to format it HFS, because thats the only way the install will see it?
  11. zfire89

    ppf editor

    how do you open a ppf file or extract the contents of it
  12. zfire89

    Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    i have a lcII, performa, Powermac 9500, powerbook 5300cs, and a Powermac G3.
  13. zfire89

    X1600 Pro

    I also have a x1300 and i would like to know if i can at least get full opengl acceleration
  14. zfire89

    New MSN Messenger for Mac

    its probaly been optimized for rosetta like limewire was