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[HowTo] Ask for help.

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Before asking a question, use this little check list to guide you:


***1. Search before asking.***

Your question has probably been asked dozens of times. Use the search button to find similar topics.



How to effectively search:

1. Type in keywords relating to your problem. If you have issues with your Thinkpad audio, try searching for audio, then Thinkpad, then finally Thinkpad audio.

2. Search by topic titles to find similar topics first.

3. Search by posts if you want to see posts.


***2. Make your posts as readable and comprehensive as possible.***

1. If English is not your primary language, that is OK, however, please try your best to be grammatically correct, so everyone can understand you.

2. Saying "OMG, it doesn't work, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" tells us nothing. You have to tell us what is the matter.

3. At the end of your posts, post your Computer's specs so that we know what you are working with.


***3. Look through the Genius Bar (DO NOT POST THERE) to check for a guide.***

There are many helpful guides in the Genius Bar that cover a variety of topics, from changing monitor resolutions, to basic Terminal/Unix commands.


***4. If all else fails, make your topic.***

If none of the above helps you, then post your topic. Just make sure you post it in the correct category.

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How about just posting someting like this on the IRC?


pimp: yo

pimp: Hey i need help with my wirelesss drivers

pimp: my comp doesn't recongnize my pci belkin wireless card

pimp: with the extendable antenna on the card




pimp: wake up

pimp: yt?

pimp: anyone?

pimp: hahahaa

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I'd like to emphasize something with search. In order to help a lot of the newbies here, I end up doing a lot of searching. Something they either cannot comprehend or are too lazy to do themselves.


Many times an answer is in a topic having nothing to do with the answer. So, viewing the search by POSTS is very important. Also, the answer can be most anywhere in the forum. Don't restrict yourself to any one subforum unless you are positive it is there.


So, most of my searches are as follows:


In the upper left, place keywords: wireless and usb (for example)

In lower left: select All Forums

In lower right: select by posts


If you find a post that is interesting and you want to read the thread, click on the posting number in the bottom center of the post window.

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Sigh.. And the popular question nowadays is... ¨What is the best hackintosh hardware?¨ So many topics have started on it. It would be nice if those were cleaned a bit. Real pollution.

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Bumping ancient threads ftl. :lol:


Then why did you just do it? :|

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I hardly call it bumping when useful information is added :-)


No point telling newbies to use Search when the Search ain't working.

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I need some help, It seems like I do not have permission to start a topic anywhere on the forum. I am not sure if this is intended? keeps saying i don't have permission.

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It was just a small side affect of this change: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=209505


We're sorting this out right now so that all the existing members with more than 5 posts won't have to "upgrade" their group by posting once in an existing topic. Because of the way IPB promotes a user's group (only when posting) until we run the query you have to post once in an existing topic.


Hope this explains everything! If not don't hesitate to ask :P.



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Read this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=209505


Another thing, if the forum search box doesn't work for you, try is going to google.com and change your language preferences to English. "What does Google have to do with InsanelyMac" you might ask....well, look closely at the writing right below the search box.

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The idea was to funnel new users in to searching first before posting, and participate in existing topics. I thought it was a great idea at the time.


Unfortunately it's not working as intended, what is happening is that some people will just post random stuff in unrelated threads, polluting the forum until their post count is high enough that they can start a new thread asking how to fix "still waiting for root device". Like shadrock here:



Anyway the intention was good, and it's true - whatever your Hackintosh issue is, it's very likely that there's a topic here about it already.


If the search isn't working for you for some inexplicable reason, you can use google like this..


site:insanelymac.com search_term_goes_here


..to search only on InsanelyMac.

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