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  1. Mebster

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Keep it civil please!
  2. I wanted to be able to display OS X on my new TV. I was looking to use the TVs HDMI connection and ideally use that same connection to carry audio too (rather than having to use a separate audio cable). I was wondering if anyone has tested something like this out and had any success. If so, please list the card and so I can look into it. Many thanks.
  3. Mebster


    Any topic which is titled "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" clearly has no serious purpose of any kind. And from the replies on this topic I can see no one has any idea what it's about either. If you have an issue with warnings or bans on this site, please contact an Admin. PS: I can see in your post history you it seems have a condition where you seem compelled to make nonsense posts filled only with "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk", "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ', etc. I'm not in the habit of banning people and like to give people the benefit of the doubt. But let this be a warning now. Stop the foolishness!
  4. Mebster

    xp on usb

    If it was normal usage then maybe... but if you want to boot from a USB simply to play games, I'm sure speed will be a major issue. I've tried to boot OSx86 and XP from a SD card and you can really feel how slow it is. Also if you really are planning on going ahead with it get a USB with fast read/write speeds, not just large capacity.
  5. I know this is really lazy but is there like one post with instructions that tells how how to get everything except the mic working? I just can't don't have the time to go through 33 pages on this topic and how ever many pages in other threads to figure out what the latest updates are and how to apply them.
  6. Mebster

    Happy New-Year Everyone!

    Happy new year everyone. Hope 2009 is a great year in InsanelyMac
  7. I've been using a shared HFS+ partition with MacDrive to allow XP to read/write and I can't fault it. I've generally found XP takes longer to copy large files to other partitions than OS X and this still seems to be the case with the shared HFS+ partition.
  8. Mebster

    OS X Updates

    StickMan's right, and although I understand his frustration I wish he'd expressed it better. It's no longer a simple yes or no and depends on your system parts and how you've decided to install OSx86. For me it is a no and using apple update will result in panicked OS X, but for many people it's a yes. Btw, I'm going to leave dogpile's post just to so everyone can see clearly this is not a simple y/n.
  9. Mebster

    Msn messnger for macbook

    Just because this topic is about MSN Messenger doesn't mean it belongs under the Windows Discussion forum. Moved to Apple World:Applications PS: Use Adium
  10. Actually you're right. Shot myself in the foot there I'll admit. But it's just something I'd been wondering a while and though I'd throw it in. How about we try and stay on topic as much as possible
  11. Let's STAY ON TOPIC... (while I go off) The polls are interesting but it is likely that some of the results are the way they are because of general distrust of the current US Administration. I mean the US sidelined Europe and stormed right into Iraq. As a result many Europeans don't look at the US vary favourably. So I'm sure we're seeing some/a lot of that here in the stats. Also I don't know about anyone else, but the fact that I've just been told it was Al-Qaida without actually much proof being shown makes me wonder. It isn't enough to make me think it was the US Goverment. But it does make one think. Finally didn't one of the hijackers supposedly went into a bar for a few drinks or something the night before? Not exactly the actions you'd expect from a supposed wanabe martyr expecting to recieve 72 virgins when his intoxicated soul reaches God. Anyway, interesting anyhow.
  12. Mebster

    klayway disk utility cant find any hard drive

    Use Everest (free version) to obtain those information.
  13. Mebster

    The New iPod Touch

    Yeah a bit of a disapointment, but hey, what do I care. I've got a iPhone 3G Damn, you must be one of those annoying kids that plays their music load from their phones speaker on the back of buses, annoying everyone with their collection of love songs. Then switches it off as they get off the bus. What was the point. A free Nike football would have been better.
  14. Mebster

    please help with installation

    Pandion, posting this question in the correct forum may have got you more help by now. But I guess you are new. Please post all OSx86 (Hackintosh) related questions either in OSx86 Installation or Post-Installation Discussion. Topic moved to OSx86 Installation: Leopard BTW, look up your motherboard model in the Wiki or perform a Search for it or/and your computer. It's possible someone has posted details of it.