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  1. Hey Guys, Just got Leopord installed on my eeePC (retail DVD + eeeboot 1.11 + VoodooHDA fix). Just wondering if anyone has the same set up (or similar) and has had success with Reason 4? I can open it and whatnot, but when i try to use it it will eventually stop working and tell me that the CPU isn't fast enough to process the audio, which is odd because i can run reason on my POS Pentium 4 laptop (on 10.4.8). I'm thinking maybe it's a kext issue, or maybe i need to OC my cpu? I don't know, any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Verizon USB 720 Disassemble for Install!

    these are actually discontinued now, but you can pick them up on ebay for cheap.
  3. Force quit fails

    I have this problem quite often where i will be in Firefox and it will not respond, so i have to force quit. the app will be gone from the activity monitor, but the is still in the Kill Process menu d thes is still that blue dot underneath the app on the dock. Is there anyway to kill it for good so i can reopen it, without having to reboot my machine?
  4. Gparted Question

    Ok, I've had this problem on 2 machines now, one on the BadAxe Motherboard and one on a d945gtp motherboard. I am able to install (Leo4All image), and it will boot into Leopard without fail as long as I have the installation DVD in the computer. I've tried running gparted numerous times to set the boot flags but it's not working. Am I doing something wrong? When i get into gparted i see 2 partitions, the first is a 200MB fat32 partition labled "EFI" that is already set as the boot sector. the second is an HFS+ partition that has no flags set. If i set that partition to boot, I can't even get it to boot with the DVD in the drive. I've been stuck booting with the DVD in the drive for months and am tired of it. Does anyone have any suggestions or know why I can't get it to boot without the DVD? Thanks UPDATE: I just ran fdisk from the installation cd and now i get a blinking cursor when i boot without the dvd. But it still boots with the dvd.
  5. Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    ok busterboo i'm a little confused by all the edits. The 9800 gx2 is working for you??
  6. Wont boot

    Since Leopard came out, and hours upon ours of failed installations, I FINALLY have a build that doesn't give me the dreaded "boot.apple.com.plist not found" error. Leo4All actually sees my HD, with one exception, I have to have the DVD in the drive in order for it to see my hard drive. When it boots without the DVD, it acts as if the HD isn't even there. No bootloader, just the netboot screen. SO my questions is, do I need to set the drive active in gparted, did I miss something during the install, or is it my motherboard?
  7. Where can I get iATKOSir2

    honestly, I wouldn't waste your time with it. The support on that build on their forums is horrible! Maybe it was just my experience, because i have the intel Bad Axe2 board, but i found that Leo4All is a godsend!
  8. 9800GX2 Support 1GB Memory

    just a heads up for anyone, I have a 9800 gx2, and I get a kernal panic when i put it in.. looks like i'm switching out video cards when i want to go back and forth between OS. Hopefully someone out there has had some success!
  9. Radeon IGP 340M

    I have an old sony VAIO pcg-k23 that i decided to put 10.4.8 JaS on since that seems to be the last version to install the easiest on it. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the resolution to 1280x800 on this thing! I tried callisto, editing the com.apple.boot.plist, and searched the hell out of this forum and haven't found anything helpful. Does anyone know how to get force 1280x800 resolution for this video card? qe/ci would be nice too but i'm more concerned about the resolution right now thanks
  10. Intel CPU launches for Q3 2007

    ok... but by Q3 2007 hits i would expect to see at least 8 core cpus by then, so wouldn't it be expected that core 2 duos would be cheaper?
  11. OSX can't see my ethernet

    sounds like you're going to have to check the wiki and buy a usb or PCI wireless NIC that works with 10.4.8
  12. I would play it safe and install Vista on a fresh drive. It may "upgrade" without a hitch, but in the event that you decide you want to use xp instead it would be a lot easier just to pop in that old drive with xp instead of figuring out how the hell to rollback to xp without any problems.
  13. Worth upgrading from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8?

    I upgraded because of aperture, also i believe you can get the more up to date version of darwin with the 10.4.8 install
  14. no you don't need it, you just wont be able to use any 64-bit apps.
  15. Vista: Complete

    I thought Apples plan was to release leopard earlier than Vista?