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My first install was on a ASUS A8N5X MoBo with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+, lots of minor editings. My friend built me this PC.


My second install was a very cheap build. D850GB MoBo ($15 [Yes ONE FIVE] can't remember the site) with a 423 to 478 mod (http://www.upgradeware.com/english/product/p478/p478.htm) Pentium 4 - 1.7Ghz (Amazon $35). 1 GB RDRAM (scored off eBay for $120, four 256 sticks). Nvidia 5200 ($40). Runs natively and very smoothly. Didn't even put Windows XP for dual boot. Need to find a good ethernet pci card and a good sound card. I'll probably end up getting the Intel 100 Adapter for ethernet. Any suggestions?


All in all, I payed about $250 to build the 2nd computer (ya I know, cheap computer, cheap parts, but hey, it works and pretty darn good, too!). Only downside is that the MoBo only supports IDE drives and no onboard sound or ethernet. I was just curious to see how an install would run on all Intel parts. I was amazed when I put everything together and it all actually worked, especially the RAM from off of eBay. I got waaay more than what I payed for. I put it all in a pink case and I call it the "Pinkintosh!" :D I'll upgrade to a 2.8, and when I get the money I plan on building a Core 2 Duo Beast!


Edit: The Pinkintosh died. I don't know what went wrong with it (probably the old parts), but now I know how smoothly all Intel parts run! Now instead of a Hackintosh, I'm running a 2.0 Core 2 Duo Mac mini! (my friend helped me put the chip in)



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Here's mine:


Looks to be that I am using an older Kernel than the rest of you here...


Here's what a Dual Clovertown (2 x 4 Core Xeon) looks like.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project!


WOWSA, that must fly!


I use a Quad-Core Xeon here at work...Dell Precision 690 with 250gb HDD, 3.2 Ghz. XEON x 4 CPU, 4Gb RAM, Water-Cooled ATI Quadra Dual-DVI Video Card...


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