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  1. Dell changed my LCD panel on site no problem. Looking forward to those headphone drivers!
  2. This may be a lot to ask, but can we get a headphone version of the kext along with the subwoofer version? That would be awesome if possible! I still want to be able to mute my system speakers when using headphones!
  3. Crack Boot Camp for EFI v7.2

    This would be an interesting development... it seems possible now. I just used the 'reverse-Boot-Camp' phrase to explain to a co-worker how I got Leopard on my Dell. Imagine using Boot Camp on a reverse Boot Camp box. /mindblown.
  4. Early iPhone SDK Released

    Exactly, that is the same reason that the SDK is rumored to keep apps between the phone and the SDK, and not actually on the AT&T network. They don't want simple, poor-written apps to interfere with normal phone usage.
  5. Early iPhone SDK Released

    Reports today are saying that apps will be digitally signed and released through iTunes. Still doesn't mean there can't be freeware, but Apple representative says that Apple wants to approve all the apps in order to prevent poorly written software from finding its way to the phone. Apparently they also want to be able to mediate in any money-making transaction dealing with the iPhone. Once again, this doesn't mean there can't be freeware distribution of software as well. It will just have to happen through iTunes. Might be bad news for ScummVM/NES/SNES etc fans. Source: http://valleywag.com/tech/apple/iphone-app...tore-326605.php
  6. You have apparently never played with Leopard and iLife/iWork '08, Adium, Delicious Library, iTunes, etc. If anything, OS X is the BEST multimedia system (barring no support for Foobar, go-go-gadget Parallels+TinyXP). My hackint0sh is 10x more fun than any PC box I have ever owned, and I don't even have a single game installed at the moment. It is all about the user and their needs, not the operating system and what it can potentially present. After all, we shouldn't be comparing OS'es just to bash one another, we should be criticizing each one individually so that we can find the one that fits us.
  7. Quick Fix = AppleCare + Genius Bar Unfortunately that sounds a lot like a hardware issue to me. Then again, what do I know? Any installations of any software recently that may have affected audio?
  8. Not to mention: the main reason you see speed and reliability improvements in Server 2008 over the consumer Vista is because most default services are disabled. Once you go back and 'workstation-ify' it, you are inching closer and closer to an original Vista installation. Alternatively, you could hop into Vista and remove all the fluff (or Vlite it) and you would see similar results to installing Server 08...
  9. Early iPhone SDK Released

    This post makes no sense to me. Apple has never forced third-party companies to charge for software. They have always left that option up to the developers. There is PLENTY of freeware even on apple.com/downloads. I personally believe that although Apple will likely force all third-party software to be 'approved' before being available for download to an iPhone, they would be making a huge mistake to force third-party developers to sell software. It just isn't realistic.
  10. Backup and Remove AppleEFIRuntime.kext, and try again
  11. Can't wait, that kext package is the final thing I need! Nice to have you back!
  12. Yeah, I use it cause it has the mute fix. Here's hoping it will be back up soon!
  13. I need a reup of tbcarey's subwoofer kexts. Devilhood, can you do that for me please? Looks like there are a few of us who want em.
  14. I need to revert from GRUB back to Darwin as my boot loader, but I don't want to mess anything up. I did a search, and only found how to set up GRUB, but not remove it. Help would be great!
  15. tbcarey: how is progress coming on that headphone patched AppleHDA?