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  1. Motherboard

    Yes. (by the way, kindly refrain from writing in capital letters. Also, it's Mac OS X and not "MACOS". Writing "MACOS" might make you sound like a noob, which is what you want to avoid)
  2. What an essay! Kindly refrain from using such circumlocutionary language on the forums: it may present itself as quite a hindrance to people who are not proficient in English or do not have sufficient time to read through it. Anyway: It seems that ATI Radeon 4870 is more and more likely to work in OSx86, considering the new Mac Pros also use the card. I am not quite up to date with the latest developments though, so I am not sure. It is, however, certain that the Mac Pro's 4870's ROM has been dumped. However, I'd think that the Geforce 7800GTX will probably work very well since drivers for Geforce 7-series are quite well-established. The person before me has summed up everything else pretty nicely, but way underceeds your budget. But I think that you should go for a slightly better motherboard, and, if you want, a quad core CPU. For example, this combo ($285): http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDet...st=Combo.181182 That motherboard, a respectable GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P, appears to work quite well with OSx86 and supports up to 16GB of RAM on four slots. However, in order to have 16 GB of RAM you would need four 4GB modules, which is too expensive at the moment so your best bet would be to get 8GB - four modules of 2GB. Also, RAM is amazingly cheap when bought in 2GB modules, so it's only $135. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231195 Your 550W Antec power supply will work. Buy the cheapest DVD drive. Use the onboard sound on the motherboard, unless you really need the extra audio processing power (but always bear in mind that in the absence of drivers, even the best sound card would be useless) Any hard drive would work, but it's better to invest in better quality (less likely to lose all your data), faster speeds (faster boot up times and file access times; useful for video editing), larger capacity (obvious). One might want to decide on all the other components and then buy the best hard drive that can be bought with the remaining money.
  3. New background images

    Here's a nice background I made but it is not tileable. Fortunately, it is large enough for most monitors (up to 23 inch, 1920 x 1080) without any visible bad effects. And even if it does start to tile, it doesn't look all that horrible.
  4. Rumor: New Interface in Snow Leopard?

    I love new and glossy iPhone-like user interfaces!
  5. *Help* ASUS M50VM-A1

    Any luck? I too have the Asus M50VM series laptop (mine is a M50VM-B1, which differs from the A1 in that it has different processor). I would love to be able to run OS X. If you ever succeed in installing OS X, keep me informed!
  6. KDE4, your view now?

    I think that KDE 4.1 is fine.
  7. Which mac should I get?

    Umm... if you are getting such old computers, then it really doesn't matter if Apple released new versions. And anyway, like the person above said, people are giving these away for free now. If I were you, I would treat myself to a new Mac once Apple releases new versions.
  8. New MacBook touch ?

    Apparently, iPod Touch runs iPhone OS, which used to be called OS X (Apple marketing literature simply stated that the "iPhone runs OS X" - Wikipedia). So, yes, you could install OS X on it. Or to put it more accurately, a version of OS X.
  9. Intel CEO Paul Otellini said Tuesday that "the DP server chip [Gainestown] would go into production 'in the first quarter of 2009.'" On the bright side, the desktop Core i7s will be available before the end of this year (phew). Source: http://www.crn.com/hardware/210603466 This is contrary to the previously published Intel Xeon roadmap, which suggested that by Q4 '08 a significant portion of manufacturing capacity would be for the Nehalem chips. Considering that the Mac Pro uses dual processor Intel Xeons, the fact that the processors themselves won't be released until next year would mean that the Mac Pros would wait even longer before another major refresh. ...sigh.
  10. 8-Core workstation

    Good job! I, on the other hand, ended up not buying my 8 core workstation because I decided to wait for the Nehalem Mac Pros (which apparently will be out in January...)
  11. Be an engineer in your spare time!

    This is my design for "Handling" http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=1186336
  12. Be an engineer in your spare time!

    I also designed this... unfortunately it takes a very long time before something actually happens. But it works though (really). http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=1151907 And this is my ball thrower: http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=1152149
  13. Be an engineer in your spare time!

    I had an even better one based on that for the "awash" scenario. Unfortunately I didn't save it.
  14. Be an engineer in your spare time!

    My clunky design to lift big balls: http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=1139331
  15. Full Tilt iMac or Low End Mac Pro?

    One should never buy a Mac Pro with only one processor... it would be a shameful waste of the Mac Pro's awesome motherboard. When doing video editing, it appears that the more cores the better (in which case the Mac Pro surely wins) but bear in mind that certain video editing software are not multithreaded, meaning they would not take full advantage of many cores (in which case the iMac is faster). I'm not so sure about whether the iMovie is multithreaded though. If I were you, I would get a Mac Pro with the two processors, 4 GB of RAM or more from 3rd party (although you must be careful to choose quality RAM with sufficient heatsinks), and with the base hard drive (Apple's hard drives, like their RAM, are overpriced; buy 3rd party hard drives if you need the storage). But everything depends on your budget. When it comes to upgradeability, the Mac Pro is clearly better. AMD appears to be preparing the ATI Radeon HD 48xx cards for the Mac Pro soon... Whereas with the iMac, you are basically stuck with the same setup throughout its lifetime (except for RAM, which can be upgraded). It is easier to upgrade a Mac Pro's hard drives than a PC. However, the same cannot be said for the RAM and CPU etc because the Mac Pro uses ECC FBDIMMs, which are considerably more expensive than regular DDR2 SDRAM. In addition, the Mac Pro uses the expensive "Harpertown" 1600MHz CPUs, which are over a thousand dollars each. The Mac Pro's cooling system is like the best there is though, so you wouldn't need to upgrade that.