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  1. how to show bootscreen.

    ugh, dammit... after doing this. i messed something up i guess. the boot time takes a very long time.. my other installation on a desktop running tiger has a much slower processor and only 256MB of ram and it boots up faster.. that is another issue. Here is some of the things slowing down. localhost configd[34] (some other stuff) failed to initFeviceFromService() stevens-mac-pro kextd[10] IOKitWaitQuiet () timed out waiting for kernel symbols CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=81[mdworker ] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=82[mdworker ] clearing CS_VALID CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=87[lssave ] clearing CS_VALID please help me with these errors they are making the start up take like five minutes
  2. I kind of want to mod a few things on it... im kind of scared i'll break my installation though... how did you make your about this mac screen to be black and transparent? I would like to make mine like that...
  3. R.I.P Prawker

    in honer of him. Instead of using vista on my inspiron I will keep the whole hard drive with mac os x leopard. I wish I could have gotten to know him
  4. Hello to everyone I am sitting at the kitchen table here using the wireless on my awesome leopard install... the startup could be faster.. I want it to show the bootscreen instead of all this text... well that's all i was wondering except for my sound... the last time i tried to get the sound working everything stopped working. I have an inspiron 1501.
  5. R.I.P Prawker

    I never really knew him, but having cancer run in my family like crazy... the last person in my family cancer took was my grandmother. the doctors said she was cancer free after breast cancer turned out later on they missed some when taking the cancer out, it then spread throughout her whole body and became serious bone cancer and it killed her. RIP... so sad at such a young age. May God rest his soul and be with his family while they mourn. sorry for such a long reply and not even knowing him. In all honesty it really saddens me to see this. Only 17, having his whole life ahead of him. I hope no one thinks I'm over reacting by making this so long and such. I will pray for his family.
  6. How to burn kalyway iso

    I got it to burn using power iso.... it worked.. because im posting from leopard on my inspiron 1501 right now. everything worked out of the box.. well almost. i did have to move a couple drivers because i accidentally selected them.. nothing that going into single user mode and a couple easy commands wouldn't fix. my sound doesn't work though. one that did {censored} me off majorly.. i was in the disk utility i had 3 small partitions and one huge on for vista.. i had the top mac partition selected. then chose one partition and well im sure you know what happened next. good thing all my songs were on my ipod touch though.... but i had nothing else backed up at all. once in os x i did make the ctrl button command.. oh and here is a screen shot i'll look for a better wallpaper. i just chose this one because i didn't have one yet. here is the screenshot... it didn't show the dual core processor but i clicked on system profiler and it shows that i have two processors... so that is working.
  7. How to burn kalyway iso

    i found a couple more disks... i have 3. nero messed 2 disk up i will try poweriso... thanks.
  8. How to burn kalyway iso

    okay, thanks... I am going to just download nero.. if you don't mind I might need help a little later on...
  9. How to burn kalyway iso

    I did manage to burn it with magic ISO then with Alcohol 120%... neither of the install disk would boot =[
  10. I have the dumbest question ever... so please bare with me.. I have installed mac os x tiger.. it was on my dell inspiron 1501. it worked. but i messed around with it and it quit working. im not worried about making it work though. I downloaded the kalyway ISO for leopard. How can i burn this ISO so it can be bootable? what program do I use? I don't remember what i used or how I did it. I have alcohol 120% I also have magicISO. I have wasted a few dvd r's im down to two left please answer asap... I want to burn Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd.iso to a dvd r I want it to be bootable. that's all I need help with (for now) please and thank you...
  11. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    well... mine did the same exact thing. i don't know how to fix that i can't get the uphuck image that this guide uses. :(oh jmc1... that install disk is intel only.. i tried the same thing it says it when you open the installer... it sucksthe Jas 10.4.8 works but when u fix thie graphics card it breaks the wireless... odd
  12. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    after messing around with vista more... i made up my mind. Vista is going it is the worst OS i have ever used. they have several unhappy customers due to the BS genuine windows vista thing. i have an idea that could possible work i'll repost my results. damn damn damn damn I dolwnloaded the wrong iso. the one i have only works on INTEL ... so now im downloading a 4.37GB image that works for AMD this sucks. I had used the JaS image and it worked just not in anything but safe mode... so maybe this will do better. thanks for the guide and all the help you have given
  13. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    i have a ubuntu linux disk but i don't know where it's at lol... i am seriously thinking about wiping the vista partition completely and installing os x... and keeping xp on the small 10GB partition.
  14. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    well somehow i got it installed but on like 5GB lol... im just going to try to completely format the whole hard drive and install xp with about 60GB and the rest for os x... vista is just getting on my nerves. it's now saying my copy isn't genuine... when i know good and well it is because the produc t key is right under my computer. hell if i can get everything to work i might try to only have os x... as of now it only works in safe mode better than this stupid vista though.