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It's really strange, but when I select "About this Mac", I either get logged out, all applications are killed, the screen goes black for a second or two, and a solid-block-of-a-text-prompt comes. Then, "the system" (GUI) restarts, with the earlier running applications having vanished, as if I've just started the system.


Have had OSX for three days now, btw. Installed using the 10.4.6 HOTiSO image.


System: AMD Sempron 2500, ram 512. onboard lan (via rhine II) and on board audio (ac97) don't work (yet).


But being logged out (if that's what it is) and back in is really strange. Any ideas? Thanks...


i get this SAME EXACT problem when i try to click " About this Mac ". anyone know the fix to this?

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My first post! I've only read up until now.


Jas 10.4.8 Install DVD with 8.8.1 Semthex Darwin Kernel

Patched with the v1 PPF using Apply PPF binary in the terminal on my Powerbook G4


AMD 64 3200+ (Venice) (with SSE3, perhaps the source of my lack of troubles)

1GB DDR333 Ram (Don't know why it says 2GB)

Biostar NF325-A7 Motherboard Socket 754

LAN: Realtek RTL8201 PHY

Audio: Realtek ALC655 AC97 Rev 2.3 6-channel audio

SATA: Not Tested

Pioneer DVR 111D (Secondary IDE Master)

Maxtor STM3200820A 200 GB Hard Drive (Primary IDE Master)

BFG 6800 OC 128 (Geforce 6800 vanilla)



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Guest bikedude880
My custom hack-Jaguar on X86 architecture:



I know it's a joke, but I love pointing out the obvious :rolleyes:

  1. 10.2 never had Dashboard :whistle:
  2. Adium is compiled against 10.4 frameworks, it won't run on 10.2
  3. The real killer, the GUI is PPC only XD

Still a well done effect, though :thumbsup_anim:

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