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  1. Guys... There is nothing wrong with the post files on usenet, if some files aren't complete than just give it some time for your usenet providers server to get the file or just download enough par sets. Easy peasy.
  2. 15 seconds left.. I also have ordered it but just cant wait!
  3. Usenet is harder to use then torrents. At least until you understand it. If you don't know what usenet is, how it works or how to obtain an account google it. Seriously, no sarcasm. It is to much to explain to each member who asks. And yes, it is safe, i have been a user for 3 years and filled many terrabytes with "stuff".
  4. wich site do you use to see the progress? newzbin does only show 2 files uploaded.
  5. I wish it was complete on usenet.. Torrents sucks ass. Well, i'm on the PB torrent and watching the usenet upload carefully.
  6. Witch group are you going to post it onto? And what is the post's name?
  7. Why the heck do you use OINK? Use PB or usenet ffs! If you want to spread it do it for everyone!
  8. Time Machine and Airport Disks

    Copy a large test file from mac to another wirelessly and there you go. Now you know the speed.
  9. The iMovie icon is also different on the desktop showcase. Look at image 2 vs. 3, the dock seems darker also.
  10. I 'hear' the resellers will get some niffy boxes on monday or so. That's of course after they sign the NDA.
  11. GM on Pirate Bay?

    I wish apple leaked like microsoft always do.
  12. I just ordered a leopard cake for the launch event in my store
  13. Will MAC OS 10.5 Work on this Laptop

    Hhahah! I almost did not get that.
  14. Will MAC OS 10.5 Work on this Laptop

  15. Leopard coming October 26: apple store

    I'm gonna make my female employees wear leopard costumes the 26th