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  1. Your Greatest Photos

    All my pics are up on http://flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh The first few are some scans of color film slides (my Dad's photos from the 70's/80's he took with a Zorki 6). The rest are mine with my Nikon D50. These are my 4 most popular pics: Just in time! Coral Tree (Erythrina) by the Shrine of the Báb Sacre Couer, Paris Cityscape Eiffel Tower at Night
  2. Lock on Boot after 10.4.8 upgrade from 4.6

    I saw a "failed to load extension" on "AppleUSBEHCI" right before it reboots/halts. So there's probably some validity to what madaspy's saying.. I'll try his approach in a sec.... update: I installed just the combo update and the PCIE update for my X1600 and that didn't work. I then wiped out the partition and started over and installed just the combo update 10.4.8 and it works. my screen resolution is a crappy 1024 and it should be 1680x1050 but i'll figure that out later... hope this helps somebody troubleshoot it further.
  3. I'm having the same issue. I'll try the Mifki kernel as well. I have practically the same exact system that nerdbeere has. what a coincidence...
  4. Essential Lenses

    I agree with both of the previous two posts. i'm not a pro by any stretch, just an enthusiast, but I've done what they suggested and it really is a nice experience. quality is excellent. plus, my hand isn't steady enough for the zoom lenses anyway (again, amateur here). so, knowing my limitations and starting from that, I can usually get pretty good shots anywhere.