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What old Macs you have lying around?


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Got an old Macintosh SE. I fire it up just about weekly. Still works like a champ.


My dad paid about 5 GRAND for it when I was a kid. It's got (count 'em) TWO floppy drives and (...gasp...) FOUR MEGAbytes of RAM. Back in the day when the most hardcore guys had, maybe, a meg and a half.


Can't stand that it's worth not much more than nostalgia almost 20 years later...so he won't let me turn hus $5000 super-machine into an aquarium :D


And a Performa 476. Got 12 megs this one. 


Oh yeah. Got a Lombard Powerbook, too. But it's running Tiger...like a dream!

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Other than my macbook and the Hacked up G3 in my sig i have a powerbook 3400c 240 with 80mb ram running OS 9.2.2 and a powermac 9600 350 with 288mb currently in pieces and waiting for a zif carrier to upgrade the CPU (got a few G3 zifs here) it ran OSX 10.2 for a while but the 604 wasnt really up to the task :blink: it will get parts from the G3 when i get a sata card and a radeon 9200.

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My first Mac (and first computer!) was a LC with a 16Mhz '020, 2MB of memory and a 40MB disk. Good times on that with classic games. Looking back, that was all I really needed for typing papers and whatnot.

Next Mac was a 6360 with a 160mhz 603, 16MB (later upgraded to 32MB) and a 1.2GB hard drive. Originally running 7.6.1, later 9.1 (slooooow)

After that was the UMAX c600, 240mhz 603, 48MB and a 6.4GB disk running 8.1 and later 9.1. That was a fun machine, right now I'm working on rigging a new heatsink for the CPU so I can install 8.6. I'd like to get more memory for it at some point too, at least to upgrade to 64. Preferably 128 or max it out at 144!

My favourite Mac is my Powerbook 3400c. 240mhz 603, 144(!)MB memory and a 3GB disk. I still use it occasionally to play old games. Running 9.2.2 now, but I might install 8.6 when I have a chance to backup my stuff.

Some of my best memories of Macs are playing Warcraft 2 on the 6360- I made tons of maps and campaigns back in the day. I moved to Starcraft with the c600, I still have some of my scenarios somewhere. The 3400c came with Photoshop 2.5 installed by the previous owner so I had a good time honing my artistic skills.

I also have Rev. A iMac guts, but that hardly counts- no skins or monitor and the CD-ROM's dead so I can't install anything. Other than that it works fine, as soon as I find a working optical drive it's getting 8.6 or 9.2.

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well here's what i have:


Apple Macintosh 128k

Apple Macintosh Plus

Apple Macintosh SE

Apple Mac SE Superdrive

Apple Macintosh SE/30

Apple Macintosh Classic

Apple Macintosh II

Apple Macintosh Portable

Apple Macintosh LC

Apple IIc

Apple II+

Apple IIgs

Apple IIe

Apple Newton

Macintosh Classic II

Macintosh IIfx

Macintosh IIx

Macintosh IIci

Macintosh LC II

Macintosh LC III

Macintosh 512k

Apple QuickTake 100, 150, 200

Apple SyleWriter, 1 & 2

Apple Imagewriter & Imagewriter II (2)

Preforma 400 & 200

Macintosh Powerbook Duo 230 + Duo Dock

Macintosh Powerbook 160

Macintosh Powerbook 150

Macintosh Powerbook G3

Macintosh Powerbook 165c

Power Macintosh G3 - beige and blue/white


and this is only a short list, because i didn't list anything from my 1000+ disk apple software library and I have many of some models


you can see them all on my site: www.theapplemuseum.org, excuse the condition of the site, I am currently re-making it, and what is up now is only temporary.

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yep, i have an imac G4 too, but it's not realy a historic model so i didn't list it. I also forgot to list my Apple Lisa 1, wich I bought a few months ago on ebay (it was mislabled as a Lisa 2/5, so i got a once-in-a-lifetime deal, at a huge discount compared to what the lisa 1 is worth).

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I have a PowerBook G3 "Pismo" FireWire. It can boot in to Mac OS 9.2.2 or older (Mac OS 8 minimum). There is installed Tiger and 9.2.2. In a last month i have upgrade for my PowerBook. I installed new (old) processor card. And now i have a PowerBook with PowerPC 7410LE G4 550Mhz from Daystar. It have a 512mb RAM. Earler there was a PowerPC 750 G3 500Mhz. Good notebook with some potential. It have an AirPort, SuperDrive and new 80 gb hdd. And great condition...

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A Macintosh IIsi (With a Daystar 68040 Proc upgrade card) with a SuperMac Graphic Card. with its original Apple 13 ich Monitor Extended Keyboard, it has the superfast 4x CD Drive :unsure: also it has a SCSI to Ehernet Adaptor from Dayna.

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I have a Rare PowerBook Duo 230 running System 7.5.3 Update 2.0 and a iBook Indigo Blue Clamshell running Mac 0S 10.2


ummm... thats not rare at all, in fact it's collectors value is estimated at $10, i have i whole pile of duos that i have gotten from all over the place for free

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Macintosh Plus with a whopping 1MB of RAM. Never got the courage to clip the resistor and put in the extra SIMMs :(


PowerMac 8100 160MB of RAM, running OS 8.1 with a 1GB hard drive and a zip drive. This was probably my favorite Mac, unfortunately the processor went about five years ago and never got together the money to fix it


Apple ][ GS Never got the thing to boot, was given to me by someone who knew I was into the older hardware


LC 630 can't quite remember if this was upgraded from stock RAM, HD, etc. but I do recall it ran System 8.0 and had a heck of a time trying to get the DOS card to work


Powermac G3 B&W 128MB RAM, 10GB drive, 450MHz G3, running Panther/OS9.2.2, thinking of turning into a network server


Powermac G4 Quicksilver256MB RAM, 40GB drive, 800MHz single G4, Panther/OS9.2.2, this is still a great machine :huh:



Now, I've been scouring wantads for a Powerbook G3 Pismo. Mainly since it will run OSX, OS9 and the prices don't seem to be too bad for a fairly speedy notebook

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