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  1. Remix Challenge

    Remember this Closes on Saturday. If there is anyone left to submit stuff please do so on or before the 9th August.
  2. Remix Challenge

    Come on guys. I know there are some Insanelymac forum members who are up to this. You have until the 9th August. Cheers.
  3. Remix Challenge

    I'll add a clean acapella as well. Thanks :)If you check the original post it has an acapella with no effects.
  4. Remix Challenge

    Hey all. It's been a while since I last posted. I've been in the studio working on a new album. I have something for all the Producer type people here. As Quoted from my Blog @ http://thisisfour.blogspot.com "As you probably already know (If you don't you've been living in a hole) I am working on a new album. The first single off the album is called "7 O'Clock". We are doing a Vinyl run of the single by itself. We are looking for a producer to remix this track. Attached is a link to Acapella and the unmastered original @ 102BPM. http://www.zshare.net/audio/1426964855f28020/ - Original http://www.zshare.net/audio/14445096df3c8f21/ - Acapella with Effects http://www.zshare.net/audio/14454503937bd401/ - Acapella without Effects Whats In It for me? Good question. The person who wins will get their remix pressed on the vinyl on the B-Side and get credited on the album as well. Not to mention infinite props. Send the final track as a high quality mp3 (192 and above) to instrumentalistism@gmail.com with your name, MySpace page and other contact details." If you guys are interested It would be cool.. Peace for now!
  5. Blu-Ray Wins The Format War!

    Blu-Ray is already supported by OS X. from memory there is a Bluray kext.
  6. do you do drugs?

    bedlight.. Considering you are only 17 and white. I would shut the :censored2: up and not offend people by using the word "{censored}" or I will fly my ass to Connecticut and beat your ass down! I am of african decent and find your immature stance on drugs stupid. I stand firm by my ideas about drug use.
  7. do you do drugs?

    Agreed... I am clean and I have never taken drugs. Ever! I have seen how it ruins lives first hand. I'm not okay with recreational use either. I don't see the point.
  8. It's easier than you think... All you do is install it on a Leopard on a PPC Mac that supports it. Get a firewire iPod and use Carbon Copy to make an exact copy of your leopard drive Boot off the iPod and you have Leopard running Then use Carbon Copy to clone it back to you internal drive.. Thats how I got Leopard running on my unsupported G4
  9. do you do drugs?

    i find this thread really disturbing.
  10. PCI professional soundcards

    Im not going to read the previous messages in this thread...let me just say one thing PCI professional soundcards Firewire is the way to go.
  11. Wake me up before you go go
  12. Let them (Homosexuals) do what they want. They are people too. If they want to marry one another let them make that decision for themselves.
  13. Im glad I read this thread. (Last time I posted in a controversial thread I was banned for 2 days ) That being said....... "koumed" you are a moron. Worst thread ever. You should get that tattooed on your face. Who cares! We are all the same. /end rant
  14. "Life Of Jazz" Mixtape!

    Just download only mixtape... It's a nice gesture I think. A lot of the tracks on it are remixes from my Album and upcoming EP. I would never make people pay for mixtapes The beats are just beats from other songs Except for "Shuffle Remix" and the title track "Life Of Jazz" I thought I'd let you guys listen before everyone else
  15. http://www.zshare.net/download/5800031a95844f/ This is Christmas gift for Insanelymac users. It is officially coming out on 24th December but you guys rule so you get it earlier. Enjoy.