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    First timers luck on dell Vostro 1520

    Any chance I could get you to attach a copy of your ACPIPlatform kext? As for the internal kb and trackpad, I had luck with not installing any ps2 drivers upon install, but then hooking up a usb kb and mouse, and installing the VoodooPS2 kexts from superhai.com
  2. De-Rail

    First timers luck on dell Vostro 1520

    Hey guys, a couple of Vostro 1500 owners chiming in. Got video working with DSDT from the vostro megathread. Got trackpad and multitouch with voodooPS2, battery meter and speed step working with other voodoo kexts. Sleep also working with voodoo sleep fix + removing bluetooth module. Audio is ok as well with VoodooHDA... ONLY thing seeming to be not working is shutdown/restart. It just goes to a black screen and hangs. If we could get shutdown restart working that would be awesome... have tried the psystar fix but no dice. Anyone have any ideas? This is using vanilla kernel... Thanks!
  3. De-Rail

    Full Dell Inspiron 6400 System Working

    Still can't get a proper driver working for the X1300 and when I close the lid, the screen doesn't even shut off.
  4. De-Rail

    Take One, Leave One

    VLC Vi or EMACS
  5. De-Rail

    Need cheapo Hackintosh advice

    If you don't mind a micro ATX board -- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813121046 GMA generally works well in OSX from what I've seen (in laptops anyway, not sure about desktops)
  6. If you put a little more RAM in that thing, you'll have a pretty speedy little computer there Congrats on your nice find!
  7. De-Rail

    Mac equivalents of Windows software

    NZB Drop while not a complete replacement for newsbin, is a very good application. You drop the NZB in and off you go.
  8. De-Rail

    Desperately Seeking BonziBuddy

    Nice going there let us know how it turns out, hehe
  9. De-Rail

    Free iPhone!

    DiaboliK, that is epic
  10. Deluxe Host is pretty good too. http://dhost.info/ They give you 300GB bandwidth and 100MB of space (which they can increase if you ask nicely on the forums ) You can set up your domain to point to your dhost page.
  11. De-Rail

    Starting Programming

    From people I've talked to, Java is a good beginner language. I'm taking a Java class this year and it is pretty daunting. One of the drawbacks to Java is that it's slooooooow which I'm guessing can be attributed to the garbage collector running all the time. I also started learning C/C++ on my own awhile back, and it's not too hard to get into. The other good thing about C is that it's small, portable and fast! Good luck with your programming endeavours
  12. De-Rail

    Desperately Seeking BonziBuddy

    This is not a thread I would have expected to see ever on a computer related forum. lmao
  13. De-Rail

    Desperately Seeking BonziBuddy

    And if that doesn't work, Limewire 1.9b had the option of installing bonzi buddy from what I've been reading.
  14. De-Rail

    Desperately Seeking BonziBuddy

    Hagar, I don't quite understand why you would want to download that nasty piece of spyware. Are you going to just play around with it for nostalgic purposes? lol At any rate, you could try searching the Wayback Machine's archived version of the Bonzi site and see if they didn't cache the file. Good Luck
  15. De-Rail

    Take One, Leave One

    MP3 Old/Classic games or new games?