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  1. apple seems to have aquired the designer of some of the finest power based cpus according to forbes. could it mean a return to powerPC? doesnt seem likely for macs but maybe for the iphone and ipods.
  2. MacBooks Slot Load DVD Drives Take Mini DVDs?

    Adapters do exist to allow you to use the mini cd/dvds in a slot loading drive but couldnt find anywhere with any in stock (to be honest i didnt try hard) amazon may get them in again soon. heres thier page
  3. imac g3 mixing of parts - possible?

    its possible and pretty easy too, i have swapped a couple around before with no problem. its no more likely to kill the machine then swapping the motherboard in a pc except with an imac you can be sure the os wont choke on the different hardware. i have a pdf slot load imac service manual around somewhere, if i can find it ill upload it somewhere if you want.
  4. How to control fanspeed on MacBook Pro

    it wont let you set the maximum speed, that will always be 6000rpm but it does let you control how fast the fans will spin at a given temperature within certain limits, currently i have it set so my fan spins at about 2000rpm at 50 degrees C and its been running like that fine for well over a year. when i first installed leopard there was no compatible version of fan control and i was reminded about how noisy macbooks can be. coolbook is a great thing to have too, i have my macbook set to 1.83ghz at 1.025v (1.25 is default) all the time when connected to power and it dropped the temps from about 80 degrees under load to about 55, you have to experiment to find whats stable for your cpu but the reduction in temps and better battery life is worth the $10 fee. now that my macbook is out of warranty im considering taking it apart and applying some arctic silver 5 to help reduce the temps even more, its one of the very early core duos and as far as i remember most of these didnt have the thermal paste applied too well either so it may be worth it.
  5. How to control fanspeed on MacBook Pro

    this may be what you are looking for. I have used it on my macbook (early 1.83ghz core duo) for ages (since it was released i think) along with coolbook to lower the cpu voltage and reduce temps even more ($10 to register was well worth it).
  6. Ebios Read Error : Device Timeout

    I was having the same problem with a disk i burned from my macbook using an USB DVD writer, no disk i burned would work so i took the drive out of its inclosure and fitted into an old PC and burned with cdburnerXP (free cd burning software for windows) at the slowest speed possible and it worked fine so i would say try burning the disk again with another drive, different media and always at a slow speed, These OSX iso's have always been a bit temperamental. took me failed disks to get to one that works.
  7. Greatest Mac in History

    Best mac in history was an Amiga 3000 with a 50mhz 68060 running system 6 with shape shifter. no real mac could touch it until the power macs arrived.
  8. The Ultimate Leopard Problem

    you could use idefrag to move all the data to the start of the drive and ipartition to partition it without destroying anything, im pretty sure they would do the job. demons may have them if you are interested. they may also be among the pirates plunder for those who are not friendly with the demons.
  9. Mac OS 9 and wireless capability?

    i dont know if your powerbook is supported by airport software but if not it can be made to work (i have it working on a powerbook 3400c with OS8.6, neither of which are supported by airport 2.04 ) get it here you will need a Lucent wavelan turbo card, the airport software should just recognise it as an airport card (you can even use one with any mac that supports an original airport card in the airport socket, the airport socket is really just a pccard socket). a few companies made compatible cards but they are harder to recognise so just look for a used wavelan or orinoco (silver, gold and bronze all work AFAIK) more details here and here newer versions of the card are not compatible and look different so make sure you get one that looks just like the ones in the pictures on those sites, i made the mistake of buying one blind and it was newer and wouldnt work. hope this helps
  10. Connect Mac OS 8 to a DHCP network?

    the original PB G3 will run OSX if you use XpostFacto but as far as i know you can only get a 256 colour display with Tiger and the maximum ram it suports is 160mb so its not going to be too nice to use but do it just so you can say you did you will pay a lot for the memory upgrade though. i have been thinking about putting some version of OSX on My 3400c, its pretty much the same machine exept for the 603 cpu and only 16 ram built in, if i can find 10.1 i may give it a try. To get DHCP working on OS8 you may need to install some OS updates, Puremac has everything you need to get any classic OS up and running.
  11. (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    have a look here and see if there is anything that may do what you want. Full keyboard access only works with some apps, depends on the api used and finder isnt one of them, works ok in safari though. sorry i cant be of more help.
  12. Powerbook Charge/Battery Problem....

    I think the first thing you should try is a PMU reset, the problems you have sound like thats what it needs. disconnect the power and remove the battery then hold the power button for 5 seconds, the PMU is now reset. put the battery back in and see how it goes. full details can be found in this apple document Also i had a bent connector on my old ibook G3, just take some care and bend it back into shape, shouldnt be too hard. Hope this helps.
  13. powermac g3 graphix

    if you are willing to pay postage i can send you a PCI card from a Powermac 9600 to get you up and running (thats if it is the video card thats failed), it will give you a display in osx but is not accelerated, os 9 is fine. it will also need an adapter to connect to a standard VGA monitor but they are pennies on ebay. Im in the uk, pm me if interested. its an apple OEM version of an iXMicro card i think, it works fine in the 9600 and my biege G3, if yours is a B&W it may be best to check if its compatible.
  14. CC Upgrade

    Found a full 68040 (40mhz inc MMU+FPU) at softwarehut in the US, its intended for an Amiga but they are the same CPU, its not cheap though $119.95. 68040 40mhz if i spot any others ill let you know.
  15. An OS for a powerbook 3400c

    I have it up and running with OS 8.6 now and its not doing too bad, the only problem im having is browsing the internet is sloooooooow. when i click on a link it takes ages for the page to appear, i have no idea if its caused by the network card or if a 240mhz 603 is just too slow at decoding images. it was the same with OS 9.22 and every browser is just as slow (tried IE4.5, IE5.1.7, netscape 4.7 + 7, opera 5 and 6 and icab). i have a lucient WaveLan silver pc card on the way and am gonna get airport working on it (it can be done) so that should prove if its the card causing the slowness or not but i know a Pentium 166 is much faster running firefox on windows 2000 so the CPU should be able to cope. Then its back to Ubuntu to see if i can get a decent display from X