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  1. Hi everybody, I am a Windows user now (Hackintosh just isn't my thing), and after using Hackintosh, I am planning a complete switch. (I have an aging desktop and an older laptop now). I will be commuting to a university next year, and I want to buy a Macbook. I have a question about that, aside from looks, what's the difference between the new Macbook and the old White one (specs aside, just as far as case durability/screen quality, etc.)? I also want a desktop at home to accompany it, at not a lot of money. What would be a good deal? I have 2GB of RAM in my desktop, not to mention two DVD writers, so the base mini doesn't suit me. I have a screen (probably will get a mouse and KB from Apple, though), as well as speakers, so an iMac doesn't suit me either. The upper Mini is a pure rip. Should I expect an update there soon? Exactly how much ram is really needed for what with Mac OS X? I plan on managing my music collection. (Not all that large). I do very little with video, and just "keep" a photo collection. I write software in Java (kind of a hobby), and I mostly browse the internet, chat online, email, write papers, etc. What specs really should I need in OS X, versus what I need to run Windows to do these tasks? Finally, my old 5G iPod video kicked the bucket after 3 1/4 years of daily service. I never used the video, so I will be getting a shuffle for running (to replace the Minidisc player), and I am stuck on what to get for my personal, at home, "jammin'" device (with my nice noise cancelling Sony headphones). I'm not sure if the touch is worth it over the Nano. (8GB models). If anyone can offer insight to my issues, I'd greatly appriciate your time, thank you.
  2. Windows XP Toolbars not saving

    The first time you add your toolbar preferences, go to File>Close insead of hitting the red (or gray) "X". The preferences are assuredly saved this way.
  3. "Install was unable to complete"?

    You can't run Vanilla kernel with SSE2, unless something drastic has changed that I don't know. You have a Centrino Duo, that should have SSE3, so you shouldn't need the SSE2 patches.
  4. I run Windows exclusively, although OSx86 was a very fun project, and allowed me to experience a full speed Mac at home, with almost full hardware support. I will never buy a "real" Mac, because they're overpriced for their spects (but not as a machine), but I don't care about asthetics or design. That said, I wanted to try the latest (Tiger and Leopard), versions of OS X, on something better than the G3 that was gifted to me. So I've used it on and off several times over the last two years, but ultimately, I decided to give it up. Some things like incorrect hardware detection, or mouse tearing/finder glitches, made me realize it's not going to work right on 3rd party configurations. Sure the bulk of it works, and I could easily be productive, but I just don't trust it, or Apple, who could find a way to kill progress, then I'd be stuck moving back anyhow. OSx86 is fun, and OS X is a great OS, but on standard hardware, I just trust and feel more comfortable running Windows.
  5. CPU incorrectly detected

    Well, the System Profiler crashes whenever I try to load it, so that's never actually given me info. When I open the Activity monitor, it shows two seperate CPU bars, but so does the Processor preferences pane, but it would do that for HT i guess too? Still, if it's splitting the tasks, then it has to be using two cores, as one couldn't handle that without ht...
  6. First of all, stop being so ungreatful about people who know/do more than you. If you knew about how Core Image works, you'd know it's radically different from Quartz Extreme, and there are reasons why CI can't run on a GMA 900. When the original dev kits shipped, CI was supported through a low level solution only, and a hacked together CI that was less than perfect. The official requirements of Leopard's Core Image includes Pixel Shader 2.0, which the GMA 900 DOES NOT SUPPORT, therefore, Core Image will never be able to PROPERLY and fully work on this device.
  7. Fanboy-ness

    That's still not as bad as fanboys in other technological fields, namely game consoles. Look at the console fanboys. "Lulz, Xbox 360 superior framerates, weak RSX", or PS3 fanboys "THE p0w3r of teh 1337 CELL and BLURAY". Why do I think it is. I think people do it as a reason to justify their own purchase. Even if they're satisfied and know their decision was right, and NEVER regret it, they still want to justify it and make others on the internet agree.
  8. Hi. My Core 2 Duo E4300 is detected by Leopard 10.5.2 (Kaly 10.5.1 updated w/Vanilla kernel, EFI/MBR), as a 4 GHz Core 2 Solo. However, I installed the "Processor" System Preferences pane, and it has it listed as one core with "Hyperthreading enabled" as a check option. Is this passing over to my full two cores, and are they both being used, or is my CPU not being used to it's fullest potential. If it's not going to be fully used, I will have to return to Windows. EDIT: Under "Processors", only the number 1 is present.
  9. Safari 3.1

    What is the definition of 2.5x faster? Jobbs' numbers are very arbitrary. I doubt the entire app runs 2.5x faster, probably one test did, and the others show a smaller improvement, but they advertise it as 2.5x.
  10. OSx86 News?

    Yes, I agree. I come here for OSX86. There are tons of Apple news sites on the net, many of which are updated more frequently, and have a large userbase of real mac users. They're hard to compete with. There are many users who come here for OSX86, and I think there SHOULD be more of a general focus on OSX86.
  11. Youtube.com; DOWN

    This is/was news why? Sites go down on the internet all the time. Welcome to the series of tubes!
  12. Apple TV Take II Update Live

    Do you have a clue about what you're speaking?
  13. This update screws up GMA 950 desktop users. If you DL, be sure to backup/replace your kexts. After reformatting due to ACPIPlatform issues the first time around, I decided to just leave this out, until there's an official way to handle any framework updates it may offer without breaking my GMA drivers.
  14. Apple TV Take II Update Live

    Now that it supports HD, the AppleTV is more justified for it's price. I mean, when the Xbox 360 Premium was only $50 more than the cheapest AppleTV, or the PS3 was the same price as the higher end, it was really a bad purchase, since those consoles did HD. Now that the AppleTV does HD, it becomes more beneficial, as it has a much better interface than WMC (IMHO, where most people feel Apple is worse, I think they're better). The XMB is a nice interface, and the built in Blu-ray still has me keeping my PS3 as a set top box. But for those who want the sleek interface device, the AppleTV is more justified now.
  15. 10.5.2

    Well, the way I figure, I'm on a USB KB/Mouse now, so I can sacrifice restarting abilities for 10.5.2. Really, what's so hard about a shut down and turn back on? As for sleep, I couldn't care less, as I never put my machine in sleep mode. Although, when the new AppleACPIPlatform.kext rolls around, I'll be sure to grab it. Cheers everyone!