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OS X Yosemite 10.10.3: new developer beta is out! [UPDATE: 04/02/2015]


UPDATE: 04/02/2015


Apple has released the 7th 10.10.3 developer beta... build 14D130a






UPDATE: 03/30/2015


Apple has released the sixth 10.10.3 developer beta... build 14D127a


UPDATE: 03/23/2015


Apple released the fifth 10.10.3 developer beta... build 14D113c


UPDATE: 03/16/2015


Apple released the fourth 10.10.3 developer beta... build 14D105g


Apple released the first developer beta of the next update for OS X Yosemite... 10.10.3 including the all-new Photos app.






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Stop fixing bugs, stop improving performance, now FINALLY Apple is caring for the really important parts of software engineering!

And frankly, I really do not know how I could live without Emoji Skin Tone Modifiers for such a long time .... thank you Apple!

​Seriously, it seems now they are completely overboard. So many issues with 10.10 and what do they do?


Adding Emoji features :( I think I have to puke.

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they added a second framebuffer to the 8000 kext but also broken being able to load framebuffers for that kext 

That framebuffer is for laptops, which explains the 2 LVDS port, but what kind of laptop would use 2 LVDS ports ?

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I'm not a developer..so.. I will wait..reading the news...

...as a poor guy :( ...watching the others enjoying an ice-cream... :lol: ...

hope update easy at final release..


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So, up to 6 betas.


And when the Final release for retail comes out you have to completley hose your installs because they won't work with the retail, right?


Why so excited?

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