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  1. 10.10.5 Combo Update https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1832 10.10.5 Update https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1833
  2. Public Beta 2 is Out
  3. OS X El Capitan DP's builds!

    El Captain Public Beta 2 is out
  4. Hardware: MacBookPro6.1 Sonnet USB3 ExpressCard|34 Software El Captain Public Beta 1 my PCI express-card was working with Yosemite. Tested with El Captain. not working. at Systeminformation it was shown, but Driver Installed: No. At USB it was not shown. Original Sonnet driver was at Yosemite only 480 Mbit at USB3 Drive. The GenericUSBXHCI_1.2.7_for_Yosemite_14A329r was at 5 Gbit Typ: USB eXtensible-Host-Controller Treiber installiert: Nein MSI: Nein Bus: PCI Steckplatz: ExpressCard Hersteller-ID: 0x1033 Geräte-ID: 0x0194 Subsystem-Hersteller-ID: 0x16b8 Subsystem-ID: 0x5701 Versions-ID: 0x0003 Link-Breite: x1 Link-Geschwindigkeit: 2.5 GT/s GenericUSBXHCI: Version: 1.2.7 Zuletzt geändert: 26.07.15, 12:03 Paket-ID: net.osx86.kexts.GenericUSBXHCI Geladen: Nein Erhalten von: Nicht signiert Art: Intel Architekturen: x86_64 64-Bit (Intel): Ja Ort: /System/Library/Extensions/GenericUSBXHCI.kext Kext-Version: 1.2.7 Ladbar: Nein Fehler bei der Unterschriftenvalidierung: Nicht signiert Abhängigkeiten: Erfüllt Signiert von: Nicht signiert
  5. using bootflags? Kext-Dev-Mode=1 and nvda_drv=1 and for 4K screens nv_spanmodepolicy=1
  6. here is my version. working without troubles try the older driver version if not working NVDAStartup.kext.zip
  7. very easy to fix it: Copy "NVDAStartup.kext" to desktop. Open the content of the kext. Open the Info.plist file. Search for <key>NVDARequiredOS</key> <string>14D131</string> Edit it to: <key>NVDARequiredOS</key> <string>14D</string> Save the info.plist Install the kext with Kext Utility Restart Now it's working again
  8. 10.10.3 Version 14D130a Public Beta is out
  9. 10.10.3 Developer Beta 14D130a available
  10. [pre-release] OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

    10.10.3 Dev Seed & Public Beta 14D130a available
  11. at the lastest driver 343.02.03.b04 is at the NVDAStartup.kext in the Info.plist only <key>NVDARequiredOS</key> <string>14D</string> so the update to the last public Beta was possible without troubles. Driver will work for all 10.10.3 Versions with Build 14D.... Versions Edit: Update to 14D130a without troubles
  12. make a backup of your bootconfig (clover/chameleon...) change it to mac pro. reboot. install driver. replace the config of mac pro with your backuped. reboot.
  13. GTX 970 stutter issues in desktop

    Installed the nVidia Drivers. Bootflags in Clover: darkwake dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1 nvda_drv=1 slide=100 GA-Z87X-UD5H Bios F10, 16 GB RAM, SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4095 MB, I7 4770K @ 4,3GHz Turbo nVidia Driver & Cuda Clover as Bootmanager Set as iMac 14,2 (instability with mac Pro 6,1 and 5,1) if nv_disable=1 is as bootflag it makes stuttering Display in Yosemite
  14. http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/files/?source=navbar
  15. I'm having only 16 Gb RAM and a 650Ti. Worked fine. can you post your config of clover? Using Pikeralpha's version of AppleHDA injection + Clover Injection to use unpatched AppleHDA my bug is a restart if i'm doing a shutdown after some sleep modes or bios is entering (BIOS reset)