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  1. Final warning: real email addresses

    This is the Best Answer........
  2. Final warning: real email addresses

    how can you define it real email address ?
  3. @Allan & @PimentelX86 How to check PM with Haswells ?
  4. Hackintosh Logo

    See my new Intel logo with OS X >> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304745-new-os-x-intel-i7-inside-boot-logo/
  5. New OS X intel i7 inside boot logo Replace your Intel UEFI Boot logo with this... AppleIntel_core.png.zip
  6. upload your DSDT here... Send to me
  7. To Change Admin login (Blurred) Image in OS X 10.10 Change Image..... ( Installed OS X Partition ) ▸ Library ▸ Caches ▸ com.apple.desktop.admin Try It .....
  8. iOS 8.3 Beta 1 Released to Developers

    Here’s everything that’s new in iOS 8.3: Wireless CarPlay A new CarPlay section has been added to the Settings menu that makes it easier to set up CarPlay wirelessly. If you have a car that supports wireless CarPlay, you can now press and hold the voice-control button on your steering wheel to start the CarPlay setup process. New Emoji layout Consistent with the update just rolled out in OS X 10.10.3 . Apple has put all emojis on a single scrollable page. All the emoji are still divided into sections, but you won’t have to jump around looking for the perfect pictogram to go with your text. Google Two-Factor authorization Support for Google’s two-factor login has been added for iOS users that prefer Gmail and Google Calendar. Apple Pay for China This is only big news if you live in mainland China, but iOS 8.3 finally adds support for Apple Pay on UnionPay, bringing Apple’s mobile wallet to the country with the most iPhone 6 owners in the world.
  9. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    I was talking about ROM in Hackintosh
  10. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Rankrotten may be you on 10.10.2 beta update to stable version or try with new MLB and ROM ROM is always a MAC address .... Add your Mac address...... as ROM 13 char is most recommended.....
  11. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    17 Char & 13 Char MLB Cloner Just Drag and Drop file into terminal..... And Follow Instructions MLBGen17V3.zip
  12. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Good.. Now I'm going to combine 13 Char and 17 Char MLB Gen... If it works then why you not like Creators post ?
  13. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    mlb generator ?
  14. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Logout from iMessage.. And login after 3 days.. Or you on 10.10.2 Beta If you on 10.10.2 Beta then Update with 10.10.2 Stable release..