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OS X 10.10.4 Public Beta 1 and Beta 6 for Devs - Build 14E36B


Apple has released Public Beta 1 and Beta 2 for Devs - Build 14E26A - 05/26.

This beta version is available to download through the Mac App Store.


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artur hello my friend .. I mean it in a good way yes. I have och the so incorporated in my Config.plist in Clover,

the so use my own icons for drives:


<key> Screen Resolution </ key>

<string> 1920x1080 </ string>

<key> Custom Icons </ key>


and since I had a colorful apple hfs partition as icon and now it has been since the 10.10.4 DP1,

a beautiful black X, white with small shadow, as an icon for my hfs partition.


it ist the Icon from OSX Tiger....

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No luck with GTX 980.  :(


The web driver from Nvidia doesn't install, keep saying that version is not supported yet.
I solved my problem.
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Just updated to 10.10.4, working perfect, thanks to the Clover developers, it made updating simple two step task for me, run setup and reboot, thats it.

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Had to make the following changes on 14E26a







And in the DSDT change the device id to 12. 


Changing the ID to 16 is not working anymore for me. Framebuffer patch still works. 

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