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  1. AppleALC on AMD ? (Discussion)

    check my 10.11 thread and also ati oland patch thread
  2. AppleHDA on AMD

    tested on 10.12 no idea about 10.13
  3. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    idk if this already done in WhatEverGreen but i've done a patch that works for bugged bios connectors i've got a bios with gaps in connectors the problem is it as only 3 conn but they're out of order (1,2 and a gap - conn 3 is at 6th position) this makes a great black screen at boot maybe u guys wanna check it and apply the patch (check my ati debug thread) this if for 10.11 and 10.12 only
  4. idk Rodion2010 i noticed apple changed lots of things (10.13 as lots of new stuff) this thread is more about inspiring devs todo crazy research hope to see new patches soon for other cards
  5. ATI Oland family cards

    got hdmi audio working on 10.11.6 and 10.12.5 got no volume control (google SoundflowerBed for it) install into s/l/extensions I'm using those with lilo+whatevergreen+applealc (not sure if all need) key is having hdmi string enabled in dsdt. no idea how this will work on other cards - report if working btw the sound output quality is dam great hdmiv1.zip
  6. ATI Oland family cards

    I found a way to get acceleration on 10.11.6 this helps a lot on debugging the card (faster logging) tested on a 0x6611 - try other ids and report disable any hdmi audio patch as it doesn't work atm. v1-10.11.6.zip
  7. ATI Oland family cards

    Tested on 10.12.5 a oland card with id 0x6611 I got it working with full acceleration TODO: - test AMDRadeonVADriver.bundle - write a book If you have a card of this type try and post results. I managed to make it work on the dvi port and hdmi ports. Cards id found in the 10.12 accelerator: 0x6610, 0x6611, 0x6617, 0x6613, 0x6631, 0x6600. the 0x6620 is a "oland pro gl card" (as a extra 0x40 at byte 7 caps) Note that some ids have double configs e.g. the 0x6600 and 0x6610 PowerTuneDefaults those can be found on the 7000 controller - on osx10.11 if ( v12 == 0x6611 || v12 == 0x6613 ) { *(_QWORD *)(v17 + 7120) = &CACWeights_OlandPro; *(_QWORD *)(v17 + 7128) = &LCAC_MarsPro; *(_QWORD *)(v17 + 7136) = &CACOverride_Oland; *(_QWORD *)(v17 + 7168) = &PowerTuneData_MarsPro; *(_QWORD *)(v17 + 7480) = &DteData_MarsPro; } and on 10.12 some changes else if ( *((_DWORD *)v19 + 3) == 0x6604 ) { *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7120) = &CACWeights_MarsXT; *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7128) = &LCAC_MarsPro; *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7136) = &CACOverride_Oland; *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7168) = &PowerTuneData_MarsPro; *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7480) = &DteData_MarsPro; } else { *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7120) = &CACWeights_Oland; *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7128) = &LCAC_Oland; *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7136) = &CACOverride_Oland; *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7168) = &PowerTuneData_Oland; *(_QWORD *)(v18 + 7480) = &DteData_Oland; } Howto test: - this are 10.12.5 kext files - swap id 0x6611 for other if need (oland cards only) - check the controller first AMD7000Controller.kext - If u get. a screen install the AMDRadeonX4000.kext and reboot - atm i'm not using any assigned framebuffer name (futomaki, etc). if u have connectors issues try it in clover. Status got a few IOAccelFenceMachine::fence_timeout random in logs (10.12) - need further testing multi-monitor works hdmi audio works - no volume control. v1.zip
  8. R9 Nano

    how did u figured out the correct value for the capability (0x100000004LL) in setupAndInitializeHWCapabilities ? this is very interesting and is used in all "apple" cards family
  9. AppleHDA on AMD

    i found the applehda hdmi code it supports a few 0x1002aa01.
  10. for the dam screen lock issue i've got it fixed on 10.12 by reverting code and adding a extra gIOScreenLockState = kIOScreenLockNoLock; check updateConsoleUsers() this might bring some undesired side effects - try it if u wish to. void IOService::updateConsoleUsers(OSArray * consoleUsers, IOMessage systemMessage) { IORegistryEntry * regEntry; OSObject * locked = kOSBooleanFalse; uint32_t idx; bool publish; OSDictionary * user; static IOMessage sSystemPower; regEntry = IORegistryEntry::getRegistryRoot(); if (!gIOChosenEntry) gIOChosenEntry = IORegistryEntry::fromPath("/chosen", gIODTPlane); IOLockLock(gIOConsoleUsersLock); if (systemMessage) { sSystemPower = systemMessage; #if HIBERNATION if ((kIOMessageSystemHasPoweredOn == systemMessage) && IOHibernateWasScreenLocked()) { locked = kOSBooleanTrue; } #endif /* HIBERNATION */ } if (consoleUsers) { OSNumber * num = 0; gIOConsoleLoggedIn = false; for (idx = 0; (user = OSDynamicCast(OSDictionary, consoleUsers->getObject(idx))); idx++) { gIOConsoleLoggedIn |= ((kOSBooleanTrue == user->getObject(gIOConsoleSessionOnConsoleKey)) && (kOSBooleanTrue == user->getObject(gIOConsoleSessionLoginDoneKey))); if (!num) { num = OSDynamicCast(OSNumber, user->getObject(gIOConsoleSessionScreenLockedTimeKey)); } } gIOConsoleLockTime = num ? num->unsigned32BitValue() : 0; } if (!gIOConsoleLoggedIn || (kIOMessageSystemWillSleep == sSystemPower) || (kIOMessageSystemPagingOff == sSystemPower)) { locked = kOSBooleanTrue; } else if (gIOConsoleLockTime) { clock_sec_t now; clock_usec_t microsecs; clock_get_calendar_microtime(&now, &microsecs); if (gIOConsoleLockTime > now) { AbsoluteTime deadline; clock_interval_to_deadline(gIOConsoleLockTime - now, kSecondScale, &deadline); thread_call_enter_delayed(gIOConsoleLockCallout, deadline); } else { locked = kOSBooleanTrue; } } publish = (consoleUsers || (locked != regEntry->getProperty(gIOConsoleLockedKey))); if (publish) { regEntry->setProperty(gIOConsoleLockedKey, locked); if (consoleUsers) { regEntry->setProperty(gIOConsoleUsersKey, consoleUsers); } OSIncrementAtomic( &gIOConsoleUsersSeed ); } #if HIBERNATION if (gIOChosenEntry) { if (locked == kOSBooleanTrue) gIOScreenLockState = kIOScreenLockLocked; else if (gIOConsoleLockTime) gIOScreenLockState = kIOScreenLockUnlocked; else gIOScreenLockState = kIOScreenLockNoLock; gIOScreenLockState = kIOScreenLockNoLock; gIOChosenEntry->setProperty(kIOScreenLockStateKey, &gIOScreenLockState, sizeof(gIOScreenLockState)); } #endif /* HIBERNATION */ IOLockUnlock(gIOConsoleUsersLock); if (publish) { publishResource( gIOConsoleUsersSeedKey, gIOConsoleUsersSeedValue ); MessageClientsContext context; context.service = getServiceRoot(); context.type = kIOMessageConsoleSecurityChange; context.argument = (void *) regEntry; context.argSize = 0; applyToInterestNotifiers(getServiceRoot(), gIOConsoleSecurityInterest, &messageClientsApplier, &context ); } }
  11. ATI Radeon unsupported cards debugging

    The Amdsupport patch doesn't fix hotplugsid - this makes multiple screens detection fails. setting CFG_NO_HDCP to off does fix this. (on 1st multiscreen detection you might need to use the sleep trick). in attach the info.plist I'm using on 8000controller notice the ATY,bin_image is also added (delete or replace for your card) other parameters will depend on which controller u're using so change with care. this works fine on 10.12 but not so good for 10.11 if edid detection fails just use the fixedid tool posted above. Info.plist.zip
  12. this happened to me on 10.12 it's kind of random but very annoying if u google some old versions of ioservice.cpp u can easily revert this trash code. if u wanna keep this code try force the status, just change code to one of this: -a kIOScreenLockNoLock: gIOConsoleBooterLockState = 0; -b kIOScreenLockUnlocked: gIOConsoleBooterLockState = kOSBooleanFalse; i would test option a) first
  13. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    can someone upload the AMDSupport.kext and AMDRadeonX4000.kext from 10.13 ? i'd like to try a patch tsk Pavo, but the 10.13 code is a huge update and the patch won't be easy to find unless debugged
  14. Nice job black.dragon74 since this paches become more stable its a good idea to add them to lilu Hope to see other devs adding support for new cards
  15. Tracing back the AMD GPU wakeup issue to its origin

    "The Radeon driver's source code tells us that the first display controller engine's registers can be found starting at offset 0x6800" Can u point to source code of this? can't seem to find it.