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  1. Curiously and incomprehensibly, exchanging the xtrafinder. app and the osax file does not work on my Medion hackbook (see my signature). someone knows why it doesn't work there and only with my PC1 Thanks for the advice.
  2. thank you for the changed xtrafinder and .osax File... works great.
  3. New InsanelyMac Website

    @pippox0 thank you my best Friend :-)
  4. New InsanelyMac Website

    looks very good, the new page of the forum looks great.
  5. @ctich.... on my Question for old Disk Utility (Yosemite Stil) have you no Answer please ?
  6. again a question here: after Dev. Update 10.13.4 beta3 17E160e not work old from Yosemite Disk Utility have anyone a Idea for fix this ?
  7. Apple released macOS 10.13.3 Update

    after Dev. Update 10.13.4 beta3 17E160e not work old from Yosemite Disk Utility have anyone a Idea for fix this ?
  8. Intel Power Gadget 3.5.0

    Thank you for this Tip !!
  9. Clover 4414

    Version 4414


    Newtest Bootloader Clover 4414
  10. and how can you remove an entry? at applelife. ru I read that, but I didn't find a real tip on how to remove one of these duplicate entries. Thanks for your help
  11. @arsradu lilu1.2.1 yes is it true, you can finf in github or another.
  12. @Muntashir.... softwareupdate --history | grep "Dev" thank you for this good Tip !
  13. @Allon thanks for removing my download link. I was of the opinion that the link leads to the same goal, as if you were loading the 10.13.1 Beta3 via iTunes and these links are visible everywhere. see here from PMheart: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/327625-pre-release-macos-high-sierra-10131/?p=2517967 why should I be careful? what's illegal? good ok, no problem for me, I just wanted to help other users.
  14. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Where ist the Final Release on 10.13 ???
  15. With your older P31 chipset I don't know exactly how to do this with High Sierra 10.13, it's not only the nVidia web driver problem, other things in the OS itself (AHCI ports etc.) can cause problems with P31 intel chipset. Make a backup image first and then on another partition you can test 10.13.