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Next Apple OS will be for ARM CPUs!

Mr. Xtreme
  • According to a recent report from british Hackintosh Group "Hack'nTod", Apple's next os will be called "macOS"

According to a recent report from british Hackintosh Group "Hack'nTod", Apple's next os will be called "mac

OS", and for good reason. Apple's next OS a merge is going to be a of iOS and OS X! The result? A new OS that will replace OS X, and iOS. "macOS" will run on both Apple's ARM CPUs and Intel's CPUs! However, considering how, once Apple switched from PowerPC to intel, it only supported PowerPC for two more OS X versions before pulling PowerPC support.


All in all, the hackintosh scene is in trouble...


If you believed the above, then....

April Fools! :P:jester:

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As much as I expect this to be an April Fools joke, I would predict Apple would at some point full-out merge iOS and OS X.  Both are Darwin-based operating systems developed by Apple, Windows 10/Windows RT from Microsoft merging the mobile and desktop platforms into one OS ecosystem, and Android supporting both ARM mobile devices and x86 desktop computers before anyone else did, so it's inevitable that Apple would have to adapt to this practice to compete with others.  It likely won't be the next OS release, but I predict it will be in the not-too-distant future.

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1 question apple has never use AMD cpus right? only AMD graphics card right


Yes, Apple (unfortunately) never used AMD CPUs, just some GPUs.

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Would be funny to get 64 bit ARM programmed iOS to run in other 64 bit ARM phones and devices. I just dont see the point of recompiling the whole OS X into an architecture built for portable devices... And for weaker CPUs...

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Our dreams or nigthmares come out !!


The macOS Sierra kernel indicates support for the ARM Hurricane family.

Next Year there will be the switch ?? :(




Seee Ya

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Next Year there will be the switch ?? :(


It also has been mentioned in 10.11.6 (build 15G1004) kernel


Capture d’écran 2016-10-01 à 10.55.12.png


or here

#define CPUFAMILY_POWERPC_G3		0xcee41549
#define CPUFAMILY_POWERPC_G4		0x77c184ae
#define CPUFAMILY_POWERPC_G5		0xed76d8aa
#define CPUFAMILY_INTEL_6_13		0xaa33392b
#define CPUFAMILY_INTEL_YONAH		0x73d67300
#define CPUFAMILY_INTEL_MEROM		0x426f69ef
#define CPUFAMILY_INTEL_PENRYN		0x78ea4fbc
#define CPUFAMILY_INTEL_NEHALEM		0x6b5a4cd2
#define CPUFAMILY_INTEL_HASWELL		0x10b282dc
#define CPUFAMILY_INTEL_SKYLAKE		0x37fc219f
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_9			0xe73283ae
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_11		0x8ff620d8
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_XSCALE		0x53b005f5
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_12		0xbd1b0ae9
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_13		0x0cc90e64
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_14		0x96077ef1
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_15		0xa8511bca
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_SWIFT 		0x1e2d6381
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_CYCLONE		0x37a09642
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_TYPHOON		0x2c91a47e
#define CPUFAMILY_ARM_TWISTER		0x92fb37c8

I don't think it has something to do with a potential Apple's cpu swithing but just more like giving the ability for developers to create applications on macOS for devices featuring that ARM cpu's (iphone, ipad ...).

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@XtremeHacker he didn't make the story up lol there is evidence everywhere about arm for macos ha. They have been leaning towards this way for quite some time. We will prob see Apple bring out arm enabled laptops running macos coming in 2017. I can't imagine it being used for high powered use though but would be a good little coding platform light use anyway. CPU might be ok but memory wise and graphics wise I don't see it being in anyway powerful or useful until they improve on that side of things. When 10nm chips start coming a long in 2017 and better mobile graphics power then we might see some good competition.

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I honestly think that if Apple moves entirely to ARM at some point then many other computer manufacturers will too , specially on devices like laptops, and that will be an open gate to the possibility of new bootloaders and new methods for us to Hackintosh

Ever since Tiger, after they left PowerPC I felt the hope in Hackintosh can never die

Besides we have a community of brilliant minds that i am sure will start scratching their heads if "the ARM " change happens

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