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Psystar Exposed: Looks Like a Hoax

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lol, i read this article too earlier today.




the address has changed twice today.




According to Florida business records (PDF), Psystar was registered as a company on July 6, 2007, at 10645 SW 112th Street in Miami, a residential neighborhood in the Olympia Heights (2:05pm - Sorry, wrong neighborhood) area south of the city center. That was the address listed on Psystar's contact page on Monday, but at some point on Tuesday, Psystar changed its official address to 10481 NW 28th Street, a commercial district near Miami International Airport.


Several Gizmodo readers went to both addresses on Wednesday, and found no trace of any company named Psystar. A CNET News.com reader wrote in Tuesday night pointing out that a screen-printing company called CottonImages.com lists their address as 10481 NW 28th Street.


A spokesman for Cottonimages.com denied any knowledge of Psystar to Computerworld on Wednesday, and said no company by that name was located at their address. UPDATED 1:30 p.m. PDT--Gizmodo notes that Psystar's address has changed again, this time to 10471 NW 28th Street. Maybe the 10481 address was just a typo, but it's not clear. UPDATED 4:25 pm--Believe it or not, they changed it again. Psystar is now located at 10475 NW 28th Street. This is really weird.

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LMAO! This is absolutely too funny. I grew up just blocks away from the SW 112 Street address. That address is low-middle income apartments. The new address by the airport lends a LITTLE more credibility as that area is filled with tech companies that do import/export to South America.


Oh and for you conspiracy theorists that 112th Street address is about a 5 minute drive from O.J. Simpson's home.

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Thanks For Your Support

We're in the process of moving to a new location which is now listed on our contact page. The first new address posted (10481) was in error and our correct address is 10475 NW 28th Street. PSYSTAR was, prior to this past week, not ready to handle the enormous production capacity demanded by the online community. Due to the incredible response we have now expanded to a larger commercial unit to handle the supplies and assembly of Open Computers. THANK YOU for all of your orders.


Midday yesterday our store was not receiving any orders. This was due to the fact that our merchant gateway, Powerpay, dropped the ball on us and refused to process any more transactions from our company. We have reverted to Paypal until we can find a high-volume merchant. Apparently Powerpay was not ready to handle the community's demand for Open Computing.


If you're experiencing problems with our online store then please send a detailed e-mail to support@psystar.com that will include the following facts about the computer that you're trying use our website with:

Operating System

Web Browser and version

any error messages that you may receive



Due to the wave of orders for Open Computers coming through there is currently a 10 to 12 day build time for all products.


Psystar Corporation

Psystar Corporation is based in Miami, FL. For several years our primary focus has been the integration of Information Technology and Telecommunications using VoIP technology. We provide solutions to businesses of all sizes. Seeing the need for inexpensive quality computers we added system's integration to the mix. In March we posted the Open Computer on our website and gave customers the option to choose between four operating systems when configuring their computer. The choices are: Linux, Mac OS X – Leopard ™, Microsoft Windows XP ™ and Microsoft Windows Vista ™.



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Thanks for sharing. :)


It made me sad, very, very sad. If you buy a Mac you get a quality experience. The packaging is lovely. From start to finnish you are rewarded with an enriching aesthetic experience. This thing is just another beige box that happens to be black. For me this community is about aspiration toward one day owning a Mac. Indeed it was directly because of places like aqua-soft and so on that I bought a Mac Mini and my hobby with regular PC parts has inspired others to buy Macs. It's just a shame. A joyous, soulless experience.

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Psystar doesn't need to officially exist.. Heck I could throw together some OSX86-friendly rigs and sell them out of my bedroom. It's not exactly rocket surgery. Once you have a parts list all you need is the best price from a dealer that doesn't charge sales tax.


Selling OSX86 of course is stupid, not only because it's bringing way too much attention to what is basically an underground activity, but it's selling an OS that will quickly become outdated and not have features that come out in future (free) updates. The only people 'using' OSX86 should be people who acquire and install it themselves.

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